Dream the Electric Sleep combine 70’s AOR and 80’s Darkwave, with a spacey, heavy post-rock intensity. Influenced by Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Neurosis, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears, Soundgarden, and The Who, Dream the Electric Sleep have spent the last eight years crafting an expansive, eclectic sound. The band was formed in Lexington, KY by Matt Page (vocals/guitar), Joey Waters (drums), and Chris Tackett (bass) in 2009. After two self-produced, independent releases, ‘Lost and Gone Forever’ (2011) and ‘Heretics'(2014), Dream the Electric Sleep is preparing to release its third album, ‘Beneath the Dark Wide Sky’, due on July 22nd, 2016, which marks a clear shift in the band’s songwriting style and sonic quality. ‘Let The Flood Light In’ is the first taster of what fans can expect from the album.

“We decided we needed help realizing the vision we had for the new album,” says guitarist and vocalist Matt Page. “The songs were different enough from our earlier material that we felt they needed a new treatment and a fresh set of ears to help pull out the strengths and tighten up the ambiguities of each song. We contacted several producers we wanted to work with, and sent them the demos. We were thrilled to learn Nick Raskulinecz was interested in working with us. We went to Nashville to meet him and jam at Rock Falcon Studio and had a blast. There was a real chemistry between all of us and we knew we’d found our guy.”

Cold Raven took form in January 2013. From then on the first songs of a melodic yet obscure black metal began to take form, with lyrics about pre-christian religions, anti-cosmos and Chaos. In December of the same year guitarist Vuall joins the band and they enter the studio at the end of May 2014.

The first full length album – called ‘Equilibrium & Chaos’ – gets recorded, mixed and mastered in three of months. Everyone in Cold Raven is influenced by the bands that originated the Black Metal scene in the early ‘90s as well by the bands that followed and that contributed to open the horizons of the genre. In December 2014 Cold Raven signed a deal with Sliptrick Records for the release and worldwide distribution of ‘Equilibrium And Chaos’, which has been released March 25th (Europe) and May 5th (USA and other countries).

So far the band has played with important acts in the underground scene, such as Nargaroth, Infernal War, Necromass, Dark Funeral, God Dethroned, Belphegor, Unleashed, Mortuary Drape, Impaled Nazarene, etc, and has played in several European countries.

Infectiously talented melodic metal bruisers Griever are delighted to unveil their dark new video for ‘She Is Death’ taken from their new EP, ‘Soul Searcher’ – out now!

A band who grab hold and don’t let go, Griever follow in the tradition of the finest melodic metal. Reminiscent of the heyday of the Gothenburg Sound, Soul Searcher is a pummeling yet highly melodic album. A release bursting with potential that belies its relatively brief length, Soul Searcher is a deceptively straightforward record: no-filler, no-frills metal. A crowdpleaser of an album from a band who get straight to the point, for fans of Trivium, In Flames, Malefice and more.

Griever have previously supported Unearth, Being as an Ocean, Crossfaith, and more, and have recently completed a UK headline tour with goth rockers The Dead XIII. With fans all over the world (including merchandise worn on the slopes of Mount Everest), Griever are a band deserving to only get bigger and bigger.

Chase The Day’s debut album ‘Tabula Rasa’ due for release on 9th September; features twelve tracks of groovy riffs and catchy hooks that will take you right back to the alt rock/grunge heyday of the 90s. Every track is different; from the swinging RATM style riffs and lush harmonies of lead single ‘Pariah’ (featured in Classic Rock Magazine’s tracks of the week), through to the Nirvana-inspired introspective acoustic number ‘Just the Same’, the pop Weezerisms of ‘Across the Water’, to the thumping closer ‘Dig’.

Swedish metallers Aktaion has released the new single & lyric video for ‘Candid Flow of the Shrapnel Dust’, the song is taken from their new album ‘The Parade of Nature‘ featuring Christopher Amott (Armageddon, ex-Arch Enemy) and Joey Concepcion (Dead By Wednesday, Armageddon) out on 29th July, 2016.

Akaion says: “The video forCandid Flow of The Shrapnel Dust’ is done by Andy Pilkington over at Very Metal Art. It was quite the experience to work with Andy on this. He redefined what we conceived as a lyric video and took the themes and emotions behind ‘Candid’ and built upon them into something great. The end result is well beyond our expectations. ‘Candid’ is one of the longer tracks on the album and contains several emotions and themes spread throughout the album, which ended up into this one song that we hope will bring something new to the listeners! For the video we also wanted something extra to add depth to the lyrics, beyond some of the strong images already featured in the video, so we contacted and got the thumbs up from PETA to use images from their video bank, which can be seen throughout the video!”

‘The Parade of Nature’ is in a lot of ways a concept album with regards to different lyrical themes, lyrics, melodies and progressions intertwining between the songs and throughout the album.

Francis stated: “I wanted the songs to have broader connection beyond being just great songs gathered on the same CD. I broke some of my own barriers which said ‘I can´t do this or that’ such as in repeating different lyrics and melodies. But writing like that became easier, especially as I wrote most of the songs parallel to each other and my mindset as in meaning and emotion behind the lyrics remained the same. There are continues references between the songs on the new album and I feel this creates both an listening experiences that differs from how you might perceive an album otherwise, and also something that pays off in listening to the album as a whole while studying the lyrics. To add to the concept of Aktaion and bind our two albums together, I reused melodies from our first album. This idea became the opening track on the album, which I then continued building upon and brought with me into the other songs.”

With their second album ‘Beyond The Valley Of The Triclops’ being released in two months, British metal’n’roll trio XII Boar have just unveiled a new rip-roaring track entitled ‘Jupiter Aligns’ with a trippy video to boot. As always with their music, XII Boar are out to have a good time! The band comments: “We wanted to write a real good time banger that had all the flavour and swagger of a 1980s action film with a fun sci-fi vibe”.

Combining Motorhead’s swagger, Sabbath’s downtrodden doom and the swinging crunch of Corrosion of Conformity – these Hampshire louts lay down a colossal slab of rock’n’roll-infused groove metal, alongside a wild live show to fuel even the greatest parties. Now the band is on a path to do great things. With their debut album ‘Pitworthy’ released in March 2015, XII Boar are rapidly becoming unstoppable. Looking forward to their second performance at Bloodstock, a film licensing deal with Troma Films editor turned cult icon Dylan Greenberg, and of course, the release of their sophomore record, ‘Beyond The Valley Of The Triclops’ the band is excited to see what the future holds.

Wrapped up in some stunning, booty-tastic artwork done by quasi-legendary artist James Hayball this album creates a total sonic experience, the sort of thing that you can get utterly and beautifully lost in, as you travel beyond the valley. After all… This is pure rock and roll for the heavier generation.

King Satan is an industrial metal / EBM band from Tampere, Finland, founded in 2015 by Aleister Von Satan (a.k.a. fra. Zetekh, also mastermind of occult black metal band Saturnian Mist). King Satan combines influences from a wide range of extreme metal, electro-industrial and even hard rock. Musically, the band is about complete defiance – not only towards the boundaries and conventions of metal and electro music but also the status quo of spiritual life and mental status of modern world. Nothing is sacred and no stone shall be left unturned.

King Satan’s first promo titled ‘We are King Satan and we Fuck the World’ (2015) was recorded in autumn 2015 and released in December 2015 together with a music video single from the demo titled Enter Black Fire (2015). The video was directed by Aleister Von Sata himself. The CD edition of the demo sold out fast and King Satan were going through a period of finding an established line-up for the sake of performing live, which meant that a lot of people came and went before the line-up was settled. DJ Shemhamforash (a.k.a. fra. Ptahaz, also known from Saturnian Mist) was already in the band during the time of the first demo and handled guitars, synths and DJ responsibilities live, while B.B. KILL found himself as a guitaris,t and Kate Boss as a bassist and a dancer.

Due to the success of the demo King Satan started working almost immediately on the debut full-length album in March 2016 and the first live shows were confirmed quickly. The first live appearance will take place August 2016 at the Saarihelvetti Festival, Tampere, Finland, where the band will share the stage with such names as Turmion Kätilöt and Shining, while the second show will take a place at the extravagant Gothic Fest in Sofia at Sofia, Bulgaria on October 29, 2016.

Monolord kick off their first ever North American headlining tour this August. The band won many new fans last fall supporting Windhand and RidingEasy Records labelmates Danava, and now return to headline with support from Beastmaker (Rise Above Records) and Sweat Lodge (Brutal Panda). Monolord’s forthcoming EP ‘Lord of Suffering/Die in Haze’ will be available August 12th on 10″ vinyl and download