Psychotron, The Hillside Thrash Maniacs from Sylhet, Bangladesh has released their debut EP entitled as ‘Lethal Paralysis’ via Mortuary Records on 28 May, 2016. The thrashing hexad has undoubtedly played an important role to develop the metal scene of Sylhet. The EP consists of 4 neck wrecking thrash anthems where elements of both old school and modern thrash metal can be perceived here, and the blending provides a deadly strike to the auditory organ of the listeners. It can surely be expected that this release will be leading the Sylheti metal scene to a new direction.

The Senton Bombs are a unique hard rock band from Blackpool, England. Combining a myriad of influences, from Classic rock to punk, metal and country, the band’s hybrid style has set them apart from their contemporaries.

Formed in 2004 when they were teenagers, the Bombs style has matured over the last decade creating a truly original and diverse rock sound. Renowned for explosive live performances and extensive touring, they have developed a growing cult following as their rise to prominence continues. Their 2013 album ‘Chapter Zero’ earned record deals, accolades and acknowledgement as a legitimate stand-out. It was quickly followed with 5-track E.P. Phantom High which brought even more admirers, even putting them on the cover CD of Classic Rock magazine alongside some of the world’s biggest bands.

2015 saw the completion of their magnum opus – ‘Mass Vendetta’. Which was released in April 2016, this may be the record that finally sees the Bombs break out to the masses. ‘Train Wreck’ is the new single from The Senton Bombs critically acclaimed album ‘Mass Vendetta’. The song tells of gigs gone wrong and explores their ghoulish fascination with the disastrous.

One Less Reason delivers deep and meaningful hard rock on their sixth album, The Memories Uninvited. Produced by frontman Cris Brown and mixed by Randy Staub (Metallica, Nickelback, Motley Crue), the album revisits some of the older styles of OLR with throwbacks that could’ve easily found a place on Everydaylife or A Lifetime Burning.

The Jackson TN based band has self-released 5 albums: Everydaylife (2005); Getting Back Your Self Esteem (2006), A Lifetime Burning (2008), Faces and Four Letter Words (2010) and A Blueprint For Writhing (2012).  The band has sold over 500,000 digital downloads to date. In 2012 the band received a Gold Record Award for sales of Everydaylife. An amazing achievement especially in today’s difficult music market. In 2003 they briefly signed with Universal Records but felt the major label system was not right for them. They parted ways in 2004 and thankfully managed to regain control of their catalogue of music.

Their music has been featured in television shows such as CSI: Miami and feature films including “Hero Wanted’ the 2008 film starring Cuba Gooding Jr. Lead singer Cris Brown reveals that there’s a memory behind every riff, chorus, bass groove, and guitar solo.  “One Less Reason songs are more lyrically heavy than musically heavy, and there’s always a message. It’s all based around those four letter words – love, hate, pain, hope. I want people to feel the record more so than just hear it.”

The band’s new album The Memories Uninvited is coming Summer 2016 via Tattooed Millionaire Records.  The album’s first single ‘Where Were You’ is at radio now.

Dutch metal outfit For I Am King, headed by frontwoman Alma Alizadeh, musically represented by inspired and competent instrumentalists, is ready to take over the scene with ambitious but nevertheless catchy tunes and an outstanding live performance. For I Am King’s long awaited debut full-length ‘Daemons’ takes you through a world of tales and myths. A 37-minute album filled with furious metal riffs, distinctive melodies, vicious vocals and never-ending drum grooves. The band’s message is simple: just metal, based on friendship, work ethic and passion.

Since the release of their highly acclaimed EP ‘Revengeance’ in 2014, Amsterdam based metalheads For I Am King have played numerous shows across Europe, including appearances at the Dutch Jera On Air and German Wacken Open Air. Between tours and concerts all over the continent, For I Am King recently released two singles ‘This Is A Warning’ and ‘We All Have Demons’ through Redfield Digital. With ‘Daemons’ released on June 17th through Redfield Records, For I Am King set their goals high and are aiming for you, so get ready!

Canadian 80’s thrashers Aggression announce they will be unleashing their new album ‘Fragmented Spirit Devils’ in October 2016 to follow their 2015 release ‘Fractured Psyche Demons’ (Galy Records). The album features nine raging thrash tracks along with a cover of Nazareth’s ‘Razamanaz’, which includes a guest guitar solo by Nazareth’s Manny Cahrelton.

The first single off the upcoming album  is ‘Unleashing The Ghost’ .

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