French extreme metal quartet Backdawn recently unleashed their latest work ‘I Shall Burn Your Empire’ and today the band reveal a brand new music video for the title track. The video was shot in an abandoned building in their native France, and co-directed by Cannes based Sylvain Renault and Alexandre Coesnon. Vocalist Chris Snaeder comments, “This song discusses politics, and the reversal of power we probably need. This is the telling of a man who warns leaders that he will throw them off their thrones. This song also explores the idea of building or creating something anew.”

‘I Shall Burn Your Empire’ is out now and can be streamed in full here

Hellvoid are a band who’s sound is constructed just on bass guitars, they call it Bass n Roll. The band formed in January 2015; the general conception was invented by Maciej Bardo (solo bass) few years earlier but it had to mature over the time. Hellvoid use their instruments to create fat distorted sounds, which you hear in their new video ‘Broken Glass’. Their debut album ‘Gloomy Wizard’ came out last October and you can listen to it here

Southern California-based hardcore metal-punks Nails; will release their new album ‘You Will Never Be One Of Us’ on June 17 through Nuclear Blast. It was recorded, mixed and produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge, High On Fire, Vallenfyre, Misery Index and Today Is The Day).

Their new music video is called ‘Savage Intolerance’, was premiered on Rolling Stone earlier this week along with an exclusive interview. Regarding the lyrical inspiration for “Savage Intolerance”, Nails vocalist/guitarist Todd Jones told Rolling Stone: “I wanted to make something lyrically that matched the intensity of the music. I can’t go online or turn on the TV or listen to talk radio these days without hearing something that’s going down with ISIS [jihadist group] — these people are just totally intolerant about anything and everything that’s going on around them, and they just don’t give a fuck, and I think that’s total bullshit. I believe in peace; I think people should live in peace. But the fact is, that’s what’s going on, so we wrote a song about it.”

Netherlands from Brooklyn are an experimental/noise trio; who have offered a sampling of new music with the trippy, holographic themed music video for ‘Elephuck’. Directed by filmmaker/animator Eric Leiser (Spongebob Squarepants), it is take from their Prosthetic Records debut ‘Audubon’ out on the 17th of June.

Norwegian avantgarde rock/metal band Virus; who release their new album ‘Memento Collider’ on the 3rd of June through Karisma Records. Have enlisted renowned Romanian multi-media artist Costin Chioreanu to make their video, he described it as “I went beyond all my boundaries and I have a feeling I touched a bit of insanity”. Having made his mark not only as a graphic artist, but also as a stage artist, musician, animator and movie maker at a relatively young age, Chioreanu’s new animated video, for the track ‘Rogue Fossil’, is the latest in a series of collaborations with artists from Karisma Records, and its sister label Dark Essence Records.

Tasmania’s premier Post-Hardcore act Save The Clock Tower, have released their brand new track ‘White Cross’. Gathering influence from across punk, hardcore, metalcore and rock genres, Save The Clock Tower re-laid the foundation of their band with a mission to be meaningful as well as aggressive. The band has worked tirelessly to improve themselves and develop a very refined and professional sound that has impressed fans and critics from across Australia and brought them attention from the USA and beyond.

‘White Cross’ is the first track from their forthcoming full-length album ‘The Familiar // The Decay’, which will be released worldwide on July 1st through the USA’s Bullet Tooth Records. The stunning vision and concepts in the ‘White Cross’ video were all dreamed into life through director Ben Wrigley and produced by Third Eye Visuals. They align seamlessly with the dark, devilish themes of the track, which was produced by Andreas Magnusson (The Black Dahlia Murder, Born of Osiris).


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