Incantation are a megalithic entity of the death metal underground, whose New York scene association, alongside other pioneers of the genre, heads into a new/old chapter with their first-ever release chronicling 25 years on this forboding, doomed planet.

Ever-precise to their origins, Incantation has witnessed, and experienced, the ebb and flow of a scene which they helped create. With ten studio albums under their bullet-adorned belts (which includes numerous videos, and even a TV commercial), those early, primeval years saw a slew of releases, in various forms, that are as relevant today as the day they were released. In that time, the band has accrued many accolades, including Hall Of Fame designations, Top 10 lists, and countless praises and honors of their discography through various publications, websites, and radio programs. As if all this weren’t brutal enough, Incantation has crushed many venues, festivals, and clubs worldwide with their rabid performance. From North, Central and South America, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, and Japan – the entire world has voluntarily succumbed to the vehement inferno that swept clean their lands, leaving nothing but molten ash.

Through it all, the band has amassed an army of supporters and fans who have willingly – eagerly – endured a quarter century of blashemy. As testament to this, the band decided it was high time to give something back to the Incantation legions worldwide. This very special 12″ gatefold vinyl release draws form a robust collection of work – dawn to the present. Included are select live songs, a brand new track, and the re-recording of three classic songs that combine to represent a band unafraid to revisit the demons of old.


Studio Side:

Obelisk Reflection (Exclusive Track For This Release)
Nefarious Warriors (Re-recorded For This Release)
Unholy Massacre (Re-recorded For This Release)
Profanation (Re-recorded For This Release)
Live Side:
Impending Diabolical Conquest (Exclusive Live Track)
Anoint The Chosen (Exclusive Live Track)
From Hollow Sands (Exclusive Live Track)

Iconoclasm Of Catholicism (Exclusive Live Track)

Artwork by Chris Moyen
LP Liner Notes by Jason Deaville
Mastered by Dan Swano @ Unisound Studios

John McEntee – Guitar, Vocals
Sonny Lombardozzi- Lead Guitar
Chuck Sherwood – Bass
Kyle Severn – Drums

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