Obsolete Future released on 17th January, 2020 – is another epicurean instrumental piece by Spanish progressive rock band Halogram. Musicians Javier Iglesias on guitar and Dani Mourinho on bass take your soul into the aether and make you wonder if reality exists outside the periphery of their music. Javier Iglesias, masterfully conjures the voyage of the mind as he travels the frets of his guitar with the dexterity and skill that only comes from practiced devotion to mastery of the instrument.

It begins with slow synths, setting the vibe for an undetermined future until the guitar, bass and rhythm kicks in offering the listener various possibilities in succession. The thing that marks out truly great progressive rock music is the journey in which the musicians take you and Obsolete Future easily fulfils this promise of expansive exploration. 

Energetic riffs build with sombre piano notes, outlining a variety of melancholy potential futures, until a break in the guitar segues into tension building refrains in opposition to each other. The themes of hope and melancholy swing back and forth until the melodies become more chaotic, discordant, and a future full of darkness where all possibility is quelled is reached. 

Pablo Somoza, who guests on vocals, brings the journey to an apex with hints at the many ways our own minds can influence the futures we create for ourselves and the stormy navigation of thoughts that hinder our full expression in life, with the only lyrics in the track: “Stay by my side; Welcome to my head.”

Andre Moreiras, another guest on the track who plays piano, brings the hope back to the present and highlights it through to the end, begging the question is the world shaped by our own thoughts or the will and power of others? Do we create the world in our own image and if so which future should be made obsolete?

In this song Halogram have encapsulated the growing experience of humanity in the battle of the inner will of the mind over the expression of the true identity of self. Which future do we choose for ourselves: Evolution of the creative human spirit or the clash and conflict of the mind warring upon itself? The other becomes obsolete. The choice is ultimately our own to make.

This is an exciting time for Halogram. They worked with Buster Odeholm from Impact Studios in Helsingborg Sweden to produce this song. Buster has worked with Born of Osiris, Oceano and Sworn In, as well as being the drummer of Vildhjarta, and the lead guitarist in Humanity’s Last Breath. For their next track they will be collaborating with Kevin J Sawka from Pendulum, release date yet to be confirmed.

This Spanish duo are taking their musical experiences forward one epic track at a time. Obsolete Future, and their previous tracks Falling Man and Symphony of Regret are available to buy on the following digital music outlets:

Artwork by: Pablo Outeiral


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You can also find Halogram on facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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