A collective super group with an ever changing band of touring musicians and a core of 4 members, David Ellefson (Megadeth) Alex Skolnick (Testament) Mike Portnoy (Sons of Apollo, ex- Dream Theatre, Avenged Sevenfold and practically every band in the scene at some point) and last but not least Mark Menghi the creator and sole reason this band exist come together for the second Metal Allegiance release ‘Power Drunk Majesty’

A track by track rundown;

The accuser (Feat Trevor Strnad) – The opening 30 seconds of this track has absolute potential, and with the guest vocalist of the song being Trevor Strnad  (Black Dahlia Murder) it seems that they have everything they need to tear the record open with a blistering track. That is not the case, I wouldn’t say the riffs are generic but I feel I’ve heard them all before and they just don’t hit the right spots. Easily the best part of the track is the vocal performance, savaging. A rather disappointing effort to open the album.

Bound by Silence (Feat John Bush) – Heavily riff driven song, and shredding solos. The man of the match for this song is all down to Mike Portnoy, really tight sounding kit and some really interesting drum fills throughout.

Mother of Sin – (Feat Bobby Blitz) Great opening riff which sounds straight out of an exodus record starts this song, getting my head banging ready for a riff tastic banger and sadly it just doesn’t deliver, the vocals are something I cannot get into and once they come in I just switch off, the screechy vocal vibe is one I’ve never got my head around and probably never will.

Terminal Illusion (Feat Mark Tornillo) – This screams Judas priest and is certainly the best track so far, a heavy percussion opening and a massive sounding guitar tone really bring what I was after, the first original sounding solo of the album pans from left to right on your headphones moving into a great percussive breakdown starts to give me hope for the rest of the album. Mark Tornillo gives a great vocal performance, quite blistering.

King with a Paper Crown (Feat Johan Hegg) – Get your horns at the ready, Viking metal man is here doing what he does best! Commanding an army! Now I have absolutely no love for Amon Amarth, but this track is really good and the vocal deliver really takes my fancy, great riffs and a good melodic breakdown.

Voodoo of the Godsend (Feat Max Cavalera) – Just seeing max’s name gets me going, he never fails to deliver and this is another outstanding track with his name on it. His vocals are brilliant, everything you want from him and as usual he brings a fantastic percussion driven vibe like the ‘roots’ era of Sepultura.  Onto the backing track, the riffs are really tasty and finally offer something unique to the album. The song develops into a great percussive section which breaks up the track and gives you a breather.

Liars & Thieves (Feat Troy Sanders) – This run of four tracks is easily the best thing on this album, and if released as an E.P it would’ve be perfect! Troy roars through this track with a very political lyrical content which is a little cliché with vocal chants of rebellion. A slightly slow slayer riff in the chorus sounds great and keeps me smiling.

Impulse Control – (Feat Mark Oseguda) – The Megadeth vibe track of the album is here and the bass intro sounds really aggressive and heavy, the riffs that follow have Dave Mustaine written all over them but another boring vocal performance comes in and takes the blow out of the song.

Power Drunk Majesty (Part 1 & 2) (Feat Mark Oseguda & Floor Jansen) – Surprise surprise, part 1 sounds more of the same, nothing special and more of the same riffs and solos. Part 2 however gives us a different taste of what they can do, a solid riff in the background over some operatic reverberated vocals gives the album what it needed. A good sing along chorus has you screaming along with Floor. A great whammy bar infused solo gives you something unique to listen to and gives us a break from the mindless shred.

Overall the album is quite dull and generic which seems to always be the case when legends get together, they never seem to inspire and push themselves into different territories and come out with the same things they do in their other projects. The middle section of the album is easily the best and that’s solely down the guest vocalist’s appearing and the nuances they bring with them.

Metal Allegiance - Power Drunk Majesty

Release Date: 2018

Record Label: https://www.nuclearblast.de/en/

Official Website: https://metalallegiance.com/

2.5Overall Score

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