The Brighton Four Piece Black Peaks have returned with their new record ‘All That Divides’, The follow up album to their critically acclaimed debut ‘Statues’. The line up that consists of vocalist Will Gardner, guitarist Joe Gosney, bassist Dave Larkin and drummer Liam Kearley are back and ready to blow your fucking heads off.

The album kicks off with the song ‘Can’t Sleep’ a previously released single, and opener to their sets on recent UK runs. A fade in feedback guitar into a drum roll wreaks havoc into a heavy chord and small jingly jangly guitar runs, giving the listener an instant wake up call. The riff leads into a more melodic verse giving us the first sounds of the banshee of a vocalist that Will Gardner is, for someone who is not familiar with Will’s voice it certainly gives you everything you need to know. The mix is perfect and the bass rumbles through in the pre-chorus section, with drums sounding huge alongside it. You cannot fault this as an opener, the song sums up exactly what you’re going to get with the rest of the record, and is a nice variety of all things to come. ‘The Midnight Sun’ comes straight in next and this is where Will’s technique and ear for beautiful melodies really shows off, the verse is so catchy and then savaging screams follow, a bass and guitar solo leads into another fantastic verse. I can hear a big Tool vibe in this song, with a slow instrumental break that comes in opening the space in the song, more of Will’s amazing range of vocals soars over, into one of the best screams you’ll hear this year, a phenomenal 20 second howling screech leading us back into the chorus. Unreal.

Electrical Fires’ is another brilliant song, big sounding chorus’s and more technical playing, stand out section is a massive sounding mastodon inspired picking breakdown giving Liam some freedom to do some brilliant drum fills. ‘Aether’ follows with a slower paced atmospherical feel, letting you hear each individual tone and mix of the instruments, the production job from Adrian Bushby is so expansive and adds massively to the Black Peak sound. ‘Across The Great Divide’ has more technical picking guitar sections with soaring vocals, a break in the riffs and craziness to add some more dimensions to an already multi-dimensional record.

‘Home’ another pre-released single is next and one that most are quite familiar with after having big plays on the radio 1 rock show. This for me is where Will’s vocals sound best, his high note screams are trademark and have a big resemblance to Sam Carter of Architects fame. ‘Eternal Light’ is proclaimed as Black Peaks answer to Mastodons track Blade catcher by Will and it certainly doesn’t disappoint with more riffs than you or I can deal with. Joe is one of the best upcoming guitarists in Britain, his playing and technicalities are ones that will be inspiring a new wave of bands as you can hear throughout the track and record.

The album ends with tracks ‘Slow Seas’ and ‘Fate I & II’ and ends the album just how it started, fucking brilliant. I literally cannot fault a single piece of this record, it is one of the best British albums of the year, and will undoubtedly be featured in a lot of album of the year lists. How many more times can I say the word riffs? Listen to it, give it a chance and fucking buy this shit.

‘All That Divides’ is released on October 5th through

Black Peaks - All That Divides

Release Date: October 2018
Label: Rise Records
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5.0Overall Score

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