Sinsaenum is a Blackened Death Metal supergroup featuring Frédéric Leclercq of Dragonforce on guitars instead of bass as well as Stéphane Buriez of French thrash/death Metallers LoudBlast also on guitars and vocalists Attila Csihar of Mayhem and Sean Zatorsky of US death metal act Dååth who share lead vocals. In addition there is also Joey Jordison formerly of Slipknot on drums and a guy called Heimoth on bass. ‘Repulsion for Humanity’ is their second studio album and their third effort (including their debut album and an EP) to be released on earMUSIC.

One thing that’s a lot more noticeable on this album is the shift in musical direction and style compared to their EP Ashes and their debut album ‘Echoes of the Tortured’, while both those had quite a heavy influence on black metal with atmospheric riffs and emotionally filled keyboards and a duel of vocals between Attila and Sean, this album side steps all that, in favour for a more rough around the edges death metal feel. The black metal elements are still present with echoing melodic guitar melodies spread out here and there and Attila lending his signature vocal style of black metal shrieks and screams on a few songs although more by way of backing vocals more than anything else, but at its core this album is a death metal record with Sean taking a more bigger role in the songs and the riffs and drums taking a much more crushing approach than their previous record.

One thing that I absolutely love about this album is Sean’s vocals, they are quite ferocious and in your face, quite a rasp and roar to them and he adds in a lot of grunts and garggles, its quite cool to hear and it definitely fits well, I would have liked to have heard more from Attila and his vocals on this but I am very impressed with Sean’s vocals and definitely glad they have allowed some of the limelight to shine on him. ‘Sacred Martyr’, ‘Final Resolve’ and the title track ‘Repulsion for Humanity’ are the highs on this album, really fast and crisp death metal that definitely takes influence from bands such as Vader, new Behemoth, Decapitated, Entombed and Dismember, it feels like they definitely were quite influenced by these bands on this album and it shows, the blast beats, extremely fast paced riffs and bass lines and hard but catchy vocals. There is however a catch to this, there is a small attempt to add some atmosphere into the songs here and there and this isn’t done effectively, its like they made these songs as death metal then realised “hey aren’t we supposed to have black metal elements too?” The solos do a nice job in adding elements of melody but the riffs themselves don’t mix very well with the melodic style guitar work and keyboards on top of the lead guitars and that’s where this album kinda comes up a little short sometimes, its a bit mixed up and isn’t too sure where it wants to go.

‘I Stand Alone’ is probably one of the low points for me, its completely disconnected from the rest of the album and is a massive drag to me, as with a few of the songs on the album, it loses a lot of the momentum after a while and you’re left there waiting for the next song to come on, it kinda reminds me a lot of how a death metal power ballad would be except its nowhere as crushing and feels like its tripping over itself, however its saving grace here is Sean’s vocals again. The song is too long and there are other songs that are too long, there is one that has a very Doomy style intro that goes on for over 2 and a bit minutes and by the time it gets the song kicked into gear I am already bored far beyond saving.

This album certainly isn’t a bad album, Sean’s lead vocals are pretty cool, the heavy riffage and shreddy melodic solos are also a welcomed addition and I think the direction they went towards on this is really cool. However I think what lets this album down is that the band are going from one side while still treading the other. They either need to keep the death/black metal style on their previous two efforts and keep the atmospheric blackened death metal feel or they need to completely transition over the fast paced skull crush death metal they tried on Repulsion. This album suffers from not knowing which direction to go in which sucks because there is definitely a lot of good in it, and I think if they can continue to go down this new style which I would categorise as Technical Death Metal perhaps and actually stick to it instead of back tracking, then we could be looking at a whole different band and for that reason I am keen to see what they will do next

Sinsaenum-Repulsion for Humanity

Release Date: August 2018
Label: earMUSIC
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2.5Overall Score

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