Oxygen Destroyer is a Blackened Thrash band from Seattle, Washington, USA and was founded in 2014 by vocalist and guitarist Jordan Farrow, with the aim of paying tribute to old Kaiju movies and Old School Death Metal. Currently the line up consists of Jordan Farrow on vocals and guitar, Joey Walker on guitar, Chris Craven on drums and Ben Williams on bass. ‘Bestial Manifestations of Malevolence and Death’ is Oxygen Destroyer’s first full length studio album and was originally released by themselves, however it has now been released as of 20th July 2018 on Head Split Records

There are three tracks I want to dig into in a bit of detail, the first being ‘Cleansing The Earth Of Human Existence’, the first song on the album and the second track on the album after a cool and creepy air raid siren intro. Its the first taste of what OD has to offer and it doesn’t disappoint. Straight away it forces its skull crushing earth shattering riffs onto you, with guitar work and blast beats that really make me think of bands such as Vader and Death, its clear that OD definitely has a thrash/death feel to their music, taking everything great from both genres and mixing it into a nuclear package that’s brutal. Complete with piercing and shrieking vocals, this track is a great start for the band.

‘Supersonic Devastator’ and ‘Death to the False King’ I am going to talk about in the same part for two reasons, they both follow a similar instrumental style and the vocals shine a lot more on these two songs and really take centre stage here. Both are extremely fast paced from the get go and more so than a lot of the other songs on the album and also have a lot more vocals in the songs, they have that strong and brutal crush to them but they also add a bit of speed and ferocity that’s Supersonic, no pun intended.

The production for the album is very well done, it sounds quite clear but still sounds gnarly enough to feel like Gojira himself just spat me out for his atomic metaltastic stomach. I love how the drums in particular sound on the album for they are extremely well done and I can feel myself air drumming along from start to finish. Very good double guitar work and the use of some very crushing bass lines and soul piercing vocals.

All in all ‘Bestial Manifestations of Malevolence and Death’ is an outstanding album that really brings Thrash/Death metal to a modern era and its nice to see lesser known band put so much passion and deliver a great album that keeps its pace and doesn’t fall flat. And what the album lacks in terms of diversity it more than makes up for with brutal, catchy, heavy songs. All hail the Kaiju!

Oxygen Destroyer - Bestial Manifestations of Malevolence and Death

Release Date: July 2018
Label: Headsplit Records
Band Website: Bandcamp
Buy Album: Bandcamp

4.0Overall Score

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