Dawn of Disease is a German Melodic Death Metal band from Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, Germany and was formed in 2003, despite selling out an EP they recorded and touring with some popular and big bands in metal, line up issues caused the band to break up in 2007, however vocalist Tomasz Wisniewski would reform the band in 2009 with long time drummer Mathias Blässe on drums and new members Oliver Kirchner and Lukas Kerk on guitars, their current bassit Christian Wösten joining in 2016. Since 2009 the band has released one EP, one demo and four studio albums.

This band has been very busy in the last few years, releasing ‘Worship the Grave’ in 2016 and then touring relentlessly around Europe with bands such as Amon Amarth and Gran Magus and playing festivals such as Wacken Open Air and Summer Breeze, and then releasing ‘Ascension Gate’ in 2017, so does it continue the trend of melodic death metal mastery or not?

The first track I want to dig into is ‘Passage’ which is also the first track on the album, and I want to talk about this song because as far as intros go its one of the best I have heard in recent years for a melodeath band. Starts off slow with some heavily distorted and atmospheric guitar work that slowly holds notes and builds the song up slowly and then around the 1 minute mark the drums and bass sort a creep in, again working to build the song up and then finally at the 1 minute 40 mark, the guitars kick up a notch and there’s a dance on the fret board as we are treated to a very harmonic guitar solo. There’s not much for vocals in this song but there’s enough to make the song really good despite being a mere 2 and a bit minutes long, and a great way to start the album off.

‘Leprous Thoughts’ kicks into high gear straight away, no messing around it assaults you with fast paced guitars that are complimented with melodic and harmonic guitars that blend together perfectly and along with very intense and brutal drums, the bass on this song really adds quite a doomy, thunderous sort a sound to it and it all comes together nicely, Tomasz’s vocals kick in quickly too and the chorus “We are the lost, We are the blind, We bring infection, to your mind. We are the lost, We are the damned, With Leprous Thoughts, We deliver the end” is catchy and definitely something that will have you roaring along to. If I had to describe what this song reminds me of I would have to say its kinda like At the Gates and Death had a baby and this song was the product of it.

‘Akephalos’ is another song that stood out to me on the album, starts again with a fast paced guitar riff, heavy drumming and blast beats and the vocals are a straight up punch in the face, very outstanding song that doesn’t disappoint. My only draw back with the album is that some of the songs do kinda go on a little longer than they need to, there are few parts in some songs where they could have stopped but carried on, but it doesn’t take away from the album overall and not once was I bored in the dozens of times I gave this album a spin.

Without a doubt this was one of my favourite albums from 2017, I was quite sad that more people haven’t heard the album or the band which is why I decided to do a review of this a year after its release. A great Melodic Death Metal album that draws influence on bands like At the Gates, old In Flames, Unleashed and Dismember and brings their own twist into it with deadly and dark riffs that don’t let up their assault on your ears. An amazing album from a very consistent band that is always improving with each release. I can’t wait for the next one.

Dawn of Disease - Ascension Gate

Release Date: August 2017
Label: Napalm Records
Band Website: www.dawnofdisease.com
Buy Album : shop.napalmrecords.com

5.0Overall Score

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