Making a musical mismatch dream of tectonic electronic beats and pulsating industrial metalcore, Portsmouths Seething Akira sound exactly like their name suggests: fucking mental. Running in the underground for a few years now, the boys create a massive sound that mimics early Shikari-esque electro punk, a sound that will surely be welcomed by some in the scene.

Take “I Am The Devil” a meaty rock banger that represents ones relentlessness to be the most evil being, hidden behind a wall of sound, the guitars provide the necessary crunch to give the songs subject matter its safety net. Track 6 “Backlash” provides a similar punch but with a chorus that shows melody, used to great affect by guest Olly Simmons, it narrates a perfect anthem for anyone who’s ever felt betrayed, that feel of almost John Wick level of desire for vengeance.

A highlight of this album of sheer velocity comes in the form of the melancholy bridge “Half Empty” a dark and mournful tune about the feeling of sickness that comes when someone who promises to be there forever, decides to leave you in the shit. It runs alongside a tuneful guitar and piano, which behind all the heavy synths and beats, doesn’t get lost and remains at the forefront of the song always.

“Disconnect” brings back the fun after a rather unsavoury mishmash of ballads and breakdowns on the albums ninth track “Even Angels Break Hearts”, which does feature some haunting backing vocals from a female source but unfortunately doesn’t pack the same emotional punch as the albums other ballad.

The album closes with an experimental marathon of all the bands traits, rapid fast vocals and the crunchy tune of the guitar mixed with the Electronic wall of sound that glues the songs together. It makes the closer a highlight, a chorus that is memorable as it is staunch, wrapping together the relatively short album with a neat little electric bow, recommended for anyone who likes their Punk or Metal with a red hot flame.

Seething Akira- Sleepy Skeletor

Release Date: June 2018
Label: Independent
Band Website: Facebook
Buy Album : Play Google

4.0Overall Score

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