After the shock announcement that the hardcore band Letlive was over, many fans tried to find answers into what could’ve broken up one of the most cutting edge hardcore bands of the 21st century.  Slowly over the coming months we would have drips of information regarding ex Letlives Jason Butler’s new project ‘The Fever 333’, throughout the months it was understood that joining Jason would be Night Verses drummer Aric Improta and The Chariots Guitarist Stephen Harrison which on paper is an insane line-up of the scenes finest. Shoddy footage of car park shows and live club performances followed which would show a glimpse into pure aggression and excitement, making fans wanting more and more. Then on March 23’rd the aggressive politically driven hardcore trio ‘The Fever 333’ surprised released their first full length E.P ‘Made an America’ catching us all by surprise.

The E.P opens with title track ‘Made an America’ and straight away sets the tone for the E.P.  The song is a fast paced opener with hard hitting riffs. Jason comes in with politically charged vocals which is by no mean a surprise, making a stand against the violence seen on the streets in the US today with lyrics ‘Dead bodies on the boulevard / cop cars, true killers / and they’re still at large’ screaming injustice to the law. Although the song is extremely aggressive it’s so catchy and will have you singing for days.

The first single heard from the E.P ‘We’re coming in’ is next. Following the theme of injustice, the lyrics are still focused on police brutality in the US and over a heavy bending guitar riff it’s certain this will definitely be one for the pits. Easily one of my favourites of the album. Next is my favourite track of the E.P and it’s where the album changes its sound. Introducing a heavily influenced hip hop driven track with rock flare and a feature of American Rapper Yelawolf ‘(The First Stone) Changes’ completely takes you off guard. With Yelawolf and Jason exchanging rap vocals through the verses and butler screaming that we need to make changes over the chorus it’s nothing but a stand out performance for all members.

Travis Barker (Blink 182) has been heavily involved with ‘The Fever 333’ and on ‘Hunting Season’ He makes his appearance on the drums. The track is stripped back to a hard hitting barker with partial riffs and synths parts coming in and out, Jason is yet again delivering the goods with clean rapping and raw aggressive screams. ‘Soul’d Me Out’ is easily the most Letlive inspired track on the record and is one that will resonate with old fans.  It’s just non-stop aggression throughout and will be one of the heaviest moments in there live sets. Quickly followed with ‘Walking in My Shoes’ the pace is slowed down and Jason is the star of the show, the lyrics are yet again talking about making a change to yourself and society. The final song on the E.P is ‘POV’ which ends the E.P on the same attitude it started with, it screams the ‘not giving a fuck’ attitude and Jason’s vocal’s really stand out over a dirty hip hop beat. A stripped back aggressive political push for change.

‘Made an America’ is a raw, hard hitting record with an aggressive message for change. The band stands for something and is not afraid to show it and with the power of this record, it may just get through to people. The day’s that pass the band seem to be getting bigger and recently have signed with roadrunner records. Highly recommend to anyone who likes hardcore aggressive music.

The Fever 333 - Made An America E.P

Released: 2018

Record Label: Roadrunner Records 

Band Website: Official Site 

Purchase Album: Official Site 

4.0Overall Score

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