The mysterious We Are Band Nerds’ album ‘Forget Me Not’, due to be released this February 23rd, is the revenant blast from the past which has given Nu-metal (long believed dead) a new lease of life. If you are of that era, rest assured, many of its best bits have been preserved – that Deftones distortion, Incubus’ scratching, the syntax and screams of Rage – to name but a few bands you will definitely be reviving after hearing this.

They’ve captured a very nostalgic tone, so your ears can’t help but warm to them, though sometimes the likeness is a bit too uncanny, and the many allusions it makes to other musicians and songs is firm assurance that they were under no illusions while naming their band.

The Hip-Hop influences are replicated with as much tenacity, and blends bands like Lincoln Park and NERD with excellent mimicry of the Beastie Boys, shoutouts to Eminem and Stan, with a more modern kick of Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, and even ol’ Kanye West gets a mention.

There are a few fresher flavours in there, too, featuring the picked melodies emblematic of the Hardcore/Emo/Screamo genres, jazzing them up Coheed style with a twist of Australia’s ‘future-soul’ melodic mastermind, Nai Palm.

With grinding guitars, a hint of electro, and punchy beats, this album is emblematic of the idea that you make the music that you like – and boy, it is prevalent here. But don’t worry too much, they have breathed some new life into the dusty static tones of Nu-Metal with their own take on this cross of genres, and rocked Hip-Hop up a bit more. And I have to admit, they have done it well.

We Are Band Nerds - Forget Me Not

Release Date: February 2018
Label: Pavement Entertainment
Band Website: Facebook
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3.5Overall Score

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