Ziggy Splynt are a Dutch alternative rock trio hailing from Utrecht, fascinated by rawness, harmony and energy influenced by such bands as Biffy Clyro and Radiohead. After seeing a live show in October, I had the chance to speak with the band’s leader singer Bart Huskes, he was kind enough to give an insight into the band’s future.

Since their return to the Netherlands after their first UK tour, they have been working on the release of their new single ‘Carcass Feeder’ which debuted on 10th of November.

‘Carcass Feeder’ tells a story of “devastation, emptiness and love”, something lead singer Bart Huskes claims the band has grown accustomed to recently. This is apparent in the band’s darker, melancholy vocal tones met with “bombastic” guitars riffs,creating an intense mix  “like the world is breaking apart around you, and you’re still standing.”

The single was produced by Guido Aalbers, from Holland who  previously worked on albums such as ‘Absolution (pt.1)’ with Muse and ‘Go with the Flow’ with Queens of the Stone Age and mastered by Andy Vandette who also previously worked with Muse and Deep Purple.

With heavy riffs, melodic flow and intense yet expansive drums, the Ziggy Splynt live show is an intense one and after such a well received tour, and with some fans ‘going as far as licking the mic stands’, it’s no wonder they’re excited about another potential UK tour in the future. For the next year however, they will be focusing on their  Netherlands 2018 tour and some exclusive national projects while working in the studio to record an EP or debut Album for spring 2018.

Ziggy Splynt - Carcass Feeder

Release Date: November 2017
Label: Independant
Band Website: www.ziggysplynt.nl
Buy Album: Spotify

4.7Overall Score

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