PIG’s new EP ‘Prey & Obey’ musically follows on from last year’s album ‘The Gospel’, straddling the line between raw, passionate delivery and polished modern production.

Tracks 1 to 3 offer up brand new tracks, with the second half of the EP presenting a remix and two alternative mixes.

Kicking off with title track ‘Prey & Obey’, which flirts with both Industrial Metal and classic 80s/90s Goth & Industrial – Rammstein, Gothminister and Sisters Of Mercy, with a hint of Bile in there too, all rolled into one potently provocative track.

Second offering ‘The Revelation’ is my pick of the EP. A mid-tempo Industrial Metal stomper, it’s easily the heaviest and darkest on the EP, with hooky riffs, chant-along lyrics and a meaty kick.

‘The Cult of Chaos’ is a darkly hypnotic, down-tempo song.  It’s fairly guitar-driven, though predominantly electronic and conjures up comparisons with the likes of In Strict Confidence.

As for the second half of the EP, I’m selecting the ‘Leæther Strip Remix’ of ‘Prey & Obey’ as my second highlight.  The meaty old-school EBM bassline and tight kick mixes effortlessly with the original material.  The deliberate placement of the vocal samples for maximum, rhythmic impact produces something so catchy that I find myself humming the tune out loud long after it’s been played, which is a good sign that I’ve absorbed myself in and enjoyed this particular version.  Unfortunately I’m not feeling the same excitement from the final two alternative mixes.

Z. Marr (ex-Combichrist synth/keys player) offers his mix of ‘The Revelation’, which lacks the same level of energy, although there is a smattering of spasmodically chaotic melody from the bass and percussion to keep things somewhat interesting.  The mix itself is polished and the booming tribal-style drums provide added heaviness, but the lack of a hook makes it hard for me to want to give this repeat listens.

En Esch, although practically invaluable when it comes to PIG’s original material, chose the down-tempo route for his mix of ‘Prey & Obey’, with an almost sleazy lounge-esque vibe and time-stretched vocals that verge on irritating by the half-way mark.  In addition to this mix suffering a lack of progression, the song’s pace feels even more torturous than it should due to the fact that it’s simply way too long, at almost 8 minutes in total.  A shame given En Esch’s high level of musical pedigree.

Though not a huge musical departure from the latest album, the new material definitely feels reinvigorated with raw energy, especially in the guitar riffs of ‘The Revelation’.  Despite the disappointments of the alternative mixes, with the addition of one decent remix as a small bonus, the EP still offers enough to keep people happy until the next full album release.





<PIG> – ‘Prey & Obey (Music Video)

PIG - Prey and Obey

Release Date: Out Now
Label: Metropolis Records
Band Website: pigindustries.com
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3.5Overall Score