Happy Monday…. What a better way to give a big F.U to the start of the week than to take a moment to reflect upon last weeks monster release!

1st of June, what an awesome day for releases for music fans! The Foos drop their new track Run, everyone’s favourite ghouls Wednesday 13 sending out teasers for the drop their latest album Condolences; aaaaannnd…… Fresh from a run of shows around the UK and todays hot topic! Devon based metallers Codex Alimentarius release ‘The Infinite Growth Paradigm vs Final Resources MK2 2017’

Fresh from their well received stonking performance on Sunday 28th May at Firebug Leicester at Uprising Festivals’ Aftermath. Bolder and louder than ever, Codex ‘Set The Stage’ well (I’m sorry I couldn’t help it :p) as their set progressed more and more observers where enraptured and drawn into the display of this ludicrously talented six piece.

The set was a great mix of the revamped material featured on their new record and some flavours from ‘The Hand Of Apophis’! It was truly awesome to see some of the crowd joining in screaming their hearts out along to some of the lyrics, encouraged whole heartedly by the warmth of front man Ray Arrell. Home grown since 2009 Codex continue to draw more followers into their unique, progressively heavy and quite frankly epic productions.

Seven years after its initial release Codex have relit the tail on their first release from 2010, reworking and releasing the MK2 edition of ‘The Infinite Growth Paradigm vs Final Resources’. In their own words and hitting the nail on the head ‘Reforged and Refired’ and showing us all that Codex Alimentarius have landed and are pushing forward into the front line.

With a re-jig in track listing and the addition of ‘Arise’, ‘The Infinite Growth Paradigm vs Final Resources MK2’ really shows how far they have grown and mastered their craft.

Kicking off the venture with fan favourite; you are ‘Baptised’. A track beckoning to join them against the powers that be, with powerful melodies and a chugging drum beat you’ll find yourself screaming Mother Earth along with it and banging your head in no time!

Next up is heavy one for all yall… ‘Collapse’, tapping straight into your endocrine with its raw energy and fast beat downs, with an undertone of haunting qualities in places that left me reminiscent of atmospheric horror shorts, before the uplifting riffs pull you out of the chase.

‘Goodslaves’, What a beautifully blended mangrove root of a tune! You gotta listen to this more than once to truly appreciate the variety of composition present within this. Powering straight through the mid way section there is ‘No Return’ from the dissonant beauty and beautiful vocal variations, that I can only describe as coming from the depths of the underworld – followed by a combination of Herman Lee and Galder worthy riffs before the ultimate break down to close the track.

The prelude to the closing track is a treat, with rhythmic drumming, harmonious riffs and beasting vox, brilliantly complemented by an orchestral undercurrent that only adds to the atmospheric dynamic of ‘Symbiosis’.

Coming to a the close of this masterpiece, my personal favourite and with the militant roar commanding you all to ‘Arise’, this tune is clear, inspiring and conceptual in a way that makes you want to go and throw down the gauntlet for something you believe in. The marching beat has your attention right from the get go and leaves you eager for what the mighty Codex Alimentarius will bring next.

This six track release showcases the mind blowing and sheer passion that these lads have for their craft. Beautifully put together with a varying tempo throughout that holds your attention and keeping you fully engaged from start to finish. The Infinite Growth Paradigm vs Final Resources MK 2 was mixed and mastered by their very own Elliot Alderman Broom (Guitar and Backing Vox) with album art created by Andrew Dicker (bass)

This release really is something to behold. What the heck are you waiting for… Check out the lyric video for Baptised Right Here (created by the talented Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art) and if you love live music and fancy having a cheeky peak at what the mighty Codex Alimentarius bring…. why not give their Vocal Zone recording of Arise a whirl… errrm Right Here!  

Like what you hear…Yes?!!   What the hell are you waiting for?!  Get it……. HERE!

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