Turbulent Hearts, an LA Punk Rock band fronted by Suzie Moon (formaly of Civet), burst into the UK scene this April with a self titled, self released EP. It is a compilation of their three 3EPs released between 2015 and 2016 titled ‘The Panic’,’The Rage’ and ‘Crazy Girl’.

Front woman Suzie Moon sets the tone very early on in the first track ‘Panic’ with her raw powerful vocals . This band does not mince words but rather intertwines them with simple yet catchy guitar melodies to create an exciting [scream-along].

The final song on the first EP ‘Redwood Nights’ takes a different perspective on their sound. While it is much slower, it conveys just as much raw energy tapping into some deep swampy southern blues with Mark Johnson’s dark and muddy bass tones.

It is an impressive feat on their parts to keep up the consistency on such high energy tracks especially with each song having such a seamless transition into the next. This is the sort of album that makes you want to grab your friends and [beach party?]. One song that really emphasizes this is ‘The Rage’ of the second EP ‘The Rage’,  despite it’s chilled acoustic tone it’s passionate folk punk vocals and catchy chorus will be perfect for upcoming summer vibes.

The last EP ‘Crazy Girl’ takes us back to the ‘riot grrrl’ movement in punk such as the likes of Bikini Kill and Bratmobile, with short fast paced punchy songs such as ‘Crazy Girl’ and the ‘Runaround’. If high octane LA punk energy is what you are looking for this this is the perfect album for you and be sure to catch them at Unicorn in Camden, London supporting Brains All Gone on July 30th.

Turbulent Hearts - Turbulent Hearts

Released: 2017
Record Label: Headcheck Records
Band Website:
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3.8Overall Score

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