The Metal band Mindahead have released the new Lyric video for the song ‘The Mask Through The Looking Glass’. Song taken from the album ‘Reflections’. “I’m just a drunk actor in the dressing room of the mind who can’t recognize his true face, THE MASK THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS is one of my many faces, I’m just a mad jester who wears his own face as a mask.” 

Unleashing their new album ‘The Immortalist’ on May 26th, Calgary, AB progressive death metal band Divinity have released their next video ‘Atlas’.

The bands comments: “Believe it or not, we shot and produced this entire music video in our jam space all on our own. This time we used a programmed light sequence and setup a bunch of special shots to produce the look for this and we’re stoked with how it turned out! This is a very different style of a song for us but we feel it encompasses many of our influences while standing out as a unique track. Crank it up!”

Swiss Hardcore band Insanity have just released the 2nd single off of their upcoming album Toss A Coin’. The song is called With My Friends’ and it comes with a music video that follows up the video of their first single ‘Down’. The band members, after getting beat up by Rollerderby girls in the first video, now flee to an empty concrete hall and remember their good times – as musicians and with their friends. ‘Toss A Coin’ will be released on 26 May 2017 via Bastardized Recordings.

In keeping with the formation’s typical approach to its signature contemporary metal style, Concealed in Clouds has crafted not just a song, but a feeling, a vibe with this latest amalgamation of various and different emotions and – as evident as ever – ‘Monument’ has something different to offer from any given perspective. For this release, the members of the band have stripped themselves back from the flashy, high production videos that the scene is inundated with to provide their audience with an honest experience, reflective of their personal interpretation of their own work. ‘Monument’ is presented with an atmospheric video of the group enjoying the world around them and each other’s company. Simplistic, yet whole-hearted and in this landscape – beautiful. A monument to all they have achieved thus far.

Following up on a very successful 2016, Barb Wire Dolls are set to release their brand new album ‘Rub My Mind’ on June 16th 2017, via Motörhead Music. The band is also pleased to announce their headline UK/European tour, which will kick off in May 2017.  ‘Back in the U.S.S.A.’, the first single taken from the new album, is a two and half minute fiery social statement of satirical punk-rock heaven that well represents the true sentiment of the record.

Epic new grunge single precedes release of debut album Mortal Ghost on June 9th. Nashville’s nautical grunge-rockers Rusty Shipp have released their new single ‘Devil Jonah’ via Valinor Records. The bruising slice of unconventional rock welds dark pop melodies to grinding, metallic riffs and will be followed by the June 9th release of ‘Mortal Ghost’ (recorded with Delta Saints/Young The Giant producer J.Hall), the band’s debut album.

Rusty Shipp is a rock band from Nashville, TN that likes to call their style Nautical rock n’ roll. They combines the influences of rock legends like The Beatles, Dick Dale and The Beach Boys with the hard-hitting sounds of modern alt rock bands like Nirvana, Muse, and Thrice to craft songs distinguished by their addictive melodies, unconventional riffs, and haunting vocals. At the forefront is the singer-songwriter and guitarist, Russ T. Shipp (literally his birth name), followed by Jake Adams on bass, and AJ Newton on drums.

Russ cites The Beatles as his biggest influence for their emphasis on peculiar, catchy, riffs and melodies. “Though we’re noticeably darker and more aggressive than The Beatles,” Russ T. explains, “Their form of songwriting resonates with the largest number of human beings, and we try to tap into that same magic. Bands like Nirvana and Muse did the same thing, but we’re taking it in an even more philosophical direction, while still having fun by incorporating the nautical theme.”

Foscor are premiering a new video for the next song taken from their forthcoming fifth full-length, ‘Les Irreals Visions’, which has been slated for release on June 9th.

Foscor comment: “Memory is an important element within this album; an extension of human experience on inhabiting the world. A net of places, ways, wefts, and bounds shapes our daily experience and builds our life at many different levels. To feel its beauty, it is mandatory to inhabit this space, embrace it and live it with the body and memories accumulated over time and experimentation. There is an important sentence within the lyrics of this song that claims ‘… At the margins of the road, big altars stand up…’, which develops the idea that when we are taken to our personal limits, a door to a new reality may appear. Following the topic on ‘Instants’, the altars are a metaphor of those moments of change. We are no longer what we were; we are images of ourselves – and a reinvention for better or worse.

This is a new video experience developed alongside the team we are used to work with. Again, there is a lot of us in the process of making this video, emotionally and physically, as well as from the people we trust and allows us to achieve the best results. We hope you enjoy and feel this journey as much as we did… “

Canadian Black/Death Metal band Arkos released their new video clip ‘Charogne’ from their new album ‘Black Moon Ritual’. The video was filmed by  “Pete Jonze Productions” in Québec. The band was formed in 2014 at Sherbrooke, Québec. After releasing their first demo in 2015, the guys entered the studio and the result was their first album ‘Black Moon Ritual’, that was released in March 2016.

Ahead of the release, of their highly anticipated new album ‘The Future In Whose Eyes?’, the band have released their new single ‘Golden Cufflinks’.  Introducing the new song vocalist & lyricist Mikee W Goodman states “The song is very melodic and is a very different type of song for SikTh fans to hear . Even though there are extremely aggressive moments on the new album. This song has a real epic and melodic feel to it. “

Hot on the tail of their support on While She Sleeps UK tour, Leeds quintet Fizzy Blood have unveiled a new video for current single ‘Pawn’. Taking inspiration from 80s instructional tapes, the video pokes fun at the world of
manufactured boy bands and features equal measures of fuzz, oddball behaviour and unhinged energy.

“The video for ‘Pawn’ shot on VHS and was made to emulate the style of those horrible 80’s PSA videos. I like the way that kind of corny, un-self- aware, salesmen like attitude parodies the attitudes within the mainstream music industry even today and hopefully that comes across when people watch it. It was shot within a day in an art studio in Leeds and a lot of our mates came down, dressed up and got involved in the making of the video so we had a lot of fun making it” – Paul Howells, Guitars