After 12 long years, Brooklyn hard rock legends Life Of Agony are finally back with their brand new album ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’, which was released April 28th via Napalm Records. So far, 2 songs from the album have been released to the public, the title track ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’, as well as the band’s just recently premiered single for ‘World Gone Mad’. Now Life Of Agony, back in their famous and original ‘River Runs Red’– line up fronted by the one & only Mina Caputo, unleash the official, and hell of a scary, video for ‘World Gone Mad’!

“The message behind ‘World Gone Mad’ could not be more relevant to what’s going on all over this planet right now. People are more divided than ever, and if we continue to ignore the fact that this world is busting at its seams and just continue to “stick our heads underground,” like the lyrics suggest, we will see a madness in our lifetime like we’ve never experienced before,” explained bassist Alan Robert just recently. He continues: “With the ‘World Gone Mad’ video, we were really looking to break out of the typical performance video approach to capture a high concept visual. There is clearly a strong homage to horror movies such as Hellraiser and The Ring, and U.K. director Leigh Brooks of Firebelly Films went above and beyond to bring our ideas to life. It’s definitely the darkest and scariest looking video we’ve done to date.”

Sentia are very happy with way the film turned out saying that though it was a collaborative effort the artist took it to a level beyond their expectation. “We developed the general concept with Oscar, and then let him go off and turn those ideas into something interesting,” said vocalist, Amos Phillips. “We knew we wanted something animated and visually powerful, but we were not expecting such an amazing story!” said drummer, Chris Bodin.

The track ‘Hydroflow’ is pulled from Sentia’s 2016 EP ‘Origins’ which saw the band step into a new era.

Simplefast premiered today, the second single ‘The Escape’ from their new album ‘Apocalypse’ out on May 19th, 2017 via AMAdea Music.

Simplefast is a Modern Metal/ Thrash Metal band from Athens,Greece. They were formed in 2011. After some changes on their line-up, in March 2012, Simplefast started to play live gigs and began their journey to the world of music.

Freakangel from Estonian are an industrial metal band, their 4th album ‘How The Ghost Became’ was just released via Japan based label DWA (worldwide).

‘Feel’ is the first taste of a rejuvenated Skarlett Riot ahead of the band’s new full-length release, set for this Autumn. Serving as a reintroduction to the band, ‘Feel’ was remastered at the legendary Abbey Road studios. The highly emotive track and video showcases the band at their best, hard-hitting and led by frontwoman Skarlett’s stunning vocals. Stay tuned for more news from the band as they hit the studio in May to record the rest of their upcoming full-length.

Legendary London trio Rock Goddess have released a music video for ‘It’s more than Rock and Roll’, the song is the title track of the forthcoming EP, which is set to be released on May 19th, 2017. Digital distribution via Cargo Records and physical EP CDs, with a 4 page booklet in a jewel case by ROCK GODDESS directly. The first 500 copies will be signed and numbered.

Swiss Bruisers Insanity have brought the worlds of Hardcore and Roller Derby together in one raucous, thoroughly entertaining video for ‘Down’, a track from the band’s forthcoming album ‘Toss a Coin’. Insanity will release sophomore full-length album Toss a Coin on May 26 via Bastardized Recordings. The album is a game-changer that builds on the foundation of debut album No Limit and EP Ready to Row.

Aborted Fetus return with their signature style of Ural Massive Brutality on ‘The Art of Violent Torture’. The album will be released April 28 on Comatose Music. Pre-order it at this location.
Seething with unforgiving rage and endless punishment, Aborted Fetus ascend to a new level of carnage and chaos like never before. ‘The Art of Violent Torture’ is a pummeling odyssey into medieval suffering and results in a barbaric plague of hellish death metal. Not for the feeble! Mixed and mastered by Alexander at TsunTsun Productions.

Fusing an intriguing mixture of indie and electro styles, the music of Lara Smiles is guitar-driven, synth-inspired and brimming with layers of alt-pop. Self-written and produced by the legendary Youth, ’Lies’ will be included on her long awaited debut album due out in the late autumn of 2017.

She has also recently worked with The Orb and Jah Wobble and will be a featured artist on upcoming new album releases by both. Influenced by many genres of music, Lara started out writing punk and soul tunes on her guitar, but all-night raves in her teens led to a love of dance music and experimenting with samples.

Ghost Bath‘s new album of atmospheric black metal entitled ‘Starmourner’ has been released, alongside the new video for the epic track ‘Seraphic’. Ghost Bath refers to the act of committing suicide by submerging in a body of water. Ghost Bath writes and creates under the assumption that music is an extension of one’s own soul. They journey through the sorrow and sadness that all lives experience, but leave a glimmer of hope. They portray both deep anguish and angelic soundscapes that are sure to leave an impression on the listener. The band started in October of 2013 with the release of their self-titled EP on Solitude Productions. This was followed by their debut album titled, Funeral, which was released on Pest Productions in June of 2014. The band’s sophomore album, ‘Moonlover’, was released in April of 2015 through Northern Silence Productions. A reissue was released by Nuclear Blast Entertainment in June of 2016.


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