All That Remains have shared another track off the album. The song, entitled ‘Louder’ ebbs and flows between moments of melodic, guitar driven riffs and heavy, head-banger bars, swelling to a full on pit-ready breakdown complete with a frenzied guitar solo. Vocalist Phil Labonte follows the flow of the track, perfectly switching from clean vocals to guttural howls and enhancing the songs message of standing your ground. You can feel his conviction in the lyrics, “The truth is loud no matter where you hide. Sleep walker, fear monger, I make the rules you ain’t got nothing on me.”

Legendary Swedish Death Metallers Sarcasm have released the official video for ‘Scars of a Land Forgotten’ a track from forthcoming Dark Descent album ‘Within the Sphere of Ethereal Mind’, which will be released April 28.

Following the unearthing of their first proper full-length, ‘Burial Dimensions’ (originally recorded in 1994 and officially released in 2016), the new long player is in a sense the payoff of a long, bumpy history that included demos, compilations, and an EP (Scattered Ashes in 2000). Indeed, it is the full realization of Sarcasm’s blackened Swedish Death Metal sound, yet with an identity all its own.

Philadelphia’s pop-punk/rock quartet Rivers Monroe has just released a brand new, stunning video for the band’s latest single – ‘Safe House’ Well-crafted throughout with memorable vocal melodies, minimalistic electronic pulse and meaningful lyrics, ‘Safe House’ manages to deliver intimate atmosphere, musical diversity, emotional depth and impressive soundscapes that permeate the song by creating immersive layers of synth and guitar sounds. Produced by All Time Low’s Rian Dawson at Track Happy Studios in Nashville, TN, “Safe House” is represented by a cinematic oriented video that aims to visually expose the essence of the track.

New York death metal pioneers Suffocation will release their new album ‘...Of The Dark Light’ on June 9 via Nuclear Blast Records. The band has released the first single, ‘Your Last Breaths’, in the form of a 360º track video.

Joy In Motion are a brand new 4-piece straight out of the heart of Brisbane. A project borne out of Jake Solway’s desire to shift into something a little different from his previous act, heavy band Road to Ransome. Jake was drumming for that band – but always had a desire to front a band as the vocalist.

Today they (Jake Solway – Vocals, Patrick Heaton – Bass, Carly Sinn – Drums and Dylan Cottee – Guitar) release their very first taste of Joy In Motion, ahead of their debut EP release, which drops on Friday May 26th. Pre-Orders are now live at their Big Cartel and Band Camp sites.

The straight-up pop rock/alt rock sound comes from Jake growing up listening to bands like Fall Out Boy, Blink 182 and Sum 41 and the results are obvious. Clean tones, beautiful vocals and sing a long vocals for days means that Joy In Motion will be hard to shake out of your head.

Hidden Lapse is a melodic metal band hailing from Italy, deeply influenced by the progressive metal scene as well as the modern and alternative metal. The power trio line-up, featuring Alessia Marchigiani – Vocals, Marco Ricco – Guitars, Romina Pantanetti – Bass, will release their 11 tracks debut album ‘Redemption’ next June 2, 2017 via Rockshots Records!

“‘Redemption’ is both a fictionary and everyday tale about a nameless young woman facing tough choices and consequences, through a long inner journey” comments the band itself.

Following their rebirth last year, London-based Japanese rock band Esprit D’Air have released a cracking new single and video from their upcoming comeback album. Bringing together elements of music and art, ‘Guiding Light’ is a visual masterpiece packed full of sonic delights. You can purchase the track from iTunes via this link.

New UK rock four-piece Fainites released their debut single ‘Geraldine’ on Monday 17th April. The storming piece of alternative rock welds chunky guitar riffs to yearning vocals and pounding drums, and is the lead track from the band’s debut Battle Scars EP (set for release on the same day).

Formed just a year ago, Fainites have wasted no time in establishing themselves on the fertile South Coast rock scene. Their debut gig in October was at the legendary Joiners in Southampton, where they were invited to support rising rockers Blackfoxxes. A sold-out December hometown show in Portsmouth followed, and their 2017 started with a bang with a stellar performance at Icebreaker festival in February.

Fainites create anthemic, intelligent and hardcore-tinged alternative rock that’s not afraid to tackle unusual subject matter. “Geraldine was inspired by the true story of Geraldine Largay, a woman who went missing in 2013 whilst on an Appalachian trail,” says frontman Chris Perrin. “She’d gotten lost and managed to survive 26 days alone in the wild before dying in her tent, surrounded by goodbye letters she had written for her loved ones. Her body wasn’t found for over 2 years. I don’t usually write songs from the perspective of other people’s lives, but Geraldine’s story really hit me. It’s not a stereotypical subject for a rock song, but I’d like to think the energy and melody is a fitting tribute to a woman who obviously had a real zest for life.”

The melodic metal band Pyramaze just released a music video for the track ‘A World Divided’ from their highly anticipated new album ‘Contingent’. The album will be released on April 28th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings.

With their milestone fifth album ‘Contingent’, Pyramaze have grown and matured into a band that is capable of satisfying their fans while simultaneously continuing to break new ground. The incorporation of modern cinematic film score elements mixed with progressive metal riffs and melodies will leave the listener breathless! Huge, sweeping, hard-hitting, and poignant, ‘Contingent’ is an epic post-apocalyptic conceptual piece inspired by current events, the human spirit to overcome struggle and diversity, and the brotherhood that lies there in. Produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen [Volbeat, Amaranthe, Epica, Evergrey].

Broken Teeth, the Austin, Texas band led by iconic vocalist Jason McMaster have released the video for the title track from their upcoming new cd and vinyl album ‘4 on the Floor’. Twenty years after seizing power in Austin, Texas, rock-roll battering squad Broken Teeth is poised to throw its hardest punch ever after signing with Megadeth bassist David Ellefson and former Corporate Punishment President Thom Hazaert at their powerhouse EMP Label Group. The label will issue Broken Teeth’s new album ‘4 on the Floor’ on April 21, 2017.