Hailing from Paris, France, Kadinja play Polymetric, Modern Progressive Metal, featuring Djent and elements of Melodic Death, with a balanced mix of extreme and clean vocals.
Ahead of their upcoming UK Tour and only a week or so removed from the unfortunate news of Bassist JJ Groove’s departure, I review their first full-length album, entitled ‘Ascendancy’.

On initial reflection, the Melodic Djent style is perhaps more in the vain of Veil of Maya and Born of Osiris, whilst some tracks’ musical direction leans towards a US Melodic Death sound.  Many elements of my personal favourite track ’A November Day’ could sit comfortably amongst material by the likes of Killswitch Engage, yet without constraint, the band explore and incorporate other influences.

Kadinja have the ability to straddle the line between chaotic, intense and brutally heavy sounds and on the other hand create moments of serenity and gentleness.  This is most evident during ‘Episteme Part II’, a standout track for its soaring clean vocals and piano arpeggios, complemented by reverb on the instrumentation.  This particular song manages to combine all of these elements to create a wonderfully panoramic vibe during the calmer sections.

Melodically, tracks such as ‘GLHF’ feature fantastic solo guitar sections, whilst ‘’Til The Ground Disappears’ provides a heavy dose of technically complex, precise rhythmic structures from the drums, electronics and guitar and bass instruments.  Essentially, there’s something in there to satisfy a multitude of tastes.

The weird intro award (if there ever was one) goes to ‘Dominique’, with a sample of what sounds like a French nursery rhyme, completely juxtaposed against the sudden blast of aggression that follows, straight out of nowhere.  Whilst I don’t fully understand the reason for its inclusion, beyond the name Dominique being sung, I’m sure there is some intent, rather than it being just a random idea.

‘Ropes Of You’ is another highlight track.  I particularly enjoy the more Progressive Metal direction, right down to the vocal stylings, melodic guitar refrains and overall song structure.  As a fan of modern Progressive Metal bands such as Scar Symmetry, it really pleases me to hear something that feels well-crafted to such a level as theirs and I commend Kadinja’s songwriting here too.

Fans of, but not limited to, Progressive Metal with highly complex polymeric rhythms, including Melodic Djent and Deathcore would be advised to check this band out.  It’s fair to say that a number of the styles within this album have been well-trodden already, but even so, what they do they do very well.  The final mix is highly professional and polished, without being over-produced to the point that the integrity of the performance has diminished.



Catch Kadinja on their upcoming 5-date UK Tour, Co-Headlining with No Sin Evades His Gaze, which kicks off at Exeter Phoenix, Wednesday 19th April.
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Kadinja - Ascendancy

Release Date: OUT NOW
Label: Klonosphere / Season Of Mist
Band Website: Facebook
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3.8Overall Score