Formed in January 2015, Hellvoid create a mammoth amount of noise from 2 bass guitars, drums and vocals. Their mix of doom, sludge and stoner with a fat bass sound, is a solid foundation. 2015’s ‘Gloomy Wizard’ EP was my introduction to the band, my review is available here. ‘Eyes of the Lucifer’ is progression from ‘Gloomy Wizard’, as the band have matured their sound. Bringing to it more depth and girth, as the band try to swallow us whole and take us into the belly of the beast.

We are greeted with a sinister intro, which has the feel of a lullaby. As it mischievously leads us into ‘Eyes of the Lucifer’ with spinets of voices talking about Satan. As the chunky bass kicks in, vocalist Mateusz Karsznia “Mateo” that will slap you in the face with his ferocity and growls. ‘Earth&Cosmosis Thunderous’ has a bass beat that is something to be reckoned with as it builds a wall of sound. The rhythm progresses from sludge doom to meaty fat riffs, that carry the song along. With the stripped down drum beats of Piotr Wincenty Czacharowski we have time to catch our breath, before the vocals rip through the rest of the song with pure aggression.

The song ‘Doomsday’ is such a fitting title given what is going on in the world currently, as it brings forth the slow deep bellowing vocals that are the focal part of the song. As Mateo shouts “doomsday, doomsday doomsday”, you can feel the intensity in his voice. The strip down of the guitars and melody during the middle of the song is my favourite part of the whole album, it just works so well.

The instrumental track ‘Void Born’ has a simple but catchy guitar intro that builds up well, giving you a tuneful melody. At moments I can see homage to bands like Corrosion of Conformity and Down, the southern New Orleans sound. The use of instrumental tracks is great, as you get to hear what skilled musicians they are.

‘Black Sky’ opens with vocals that have a similarity to Phil Anselmo (a mixture of his Pantera and Superjoint Ritual style) vocals, this happens on occasions through out the album but is most apparent on this song. As Mateo’s vocals range from clean to deep growls, this works well throughout ‘Black Sky’. Maciej Bardo and Adrian Jegorow’s bass guitars have a great southern style running through the melody of the song, which is really enjoyable.

Title track ‘Eyes of the Lucifer’ is meaty with solid guitar work, that builds up slowly. Growls and cleaner vocals carry the chorus, while Piotr’s drums lay the foundation. The doom style is most apparent here, than on any other track on the album.

Another instrumental track comes in the form of ‘Horns of the Horse Nebula Empire’, I love the song title alone. It is a slow instrumental, that takes it down a pace or two. As it is the outro track, I can see how it would of ended the album.

‘Superhaze’ was released as a single last year, which is the bonus track. The bass beat almost has the intensity of a Primus song at times which mixes it up a bit, as it dominates the song. Satan is very present in the lyrics, although he does crop up quite fequently across the album. The vocals work well and there is a 70s prog vibe thrown in for good measure.

‘Eyes of the Lucifer’ is an album I like to listen to on headphones, as the bass thunders through my brain. The slow doom style is artisticaly balanced with a southern blues sound, giving the songs depth. Hellvoid’s use of bass guitars is fantastic as they vary in style and tone throughout the album, making it a focal point and not just the rhythm in the background. Hellvoid are the sort of band I would expect to see at the likes of Roadburn or Desertfest in the coming years, their sound fits the feel of those festivals so well.

Hellvoid - Eyes of the Lucifer

Released: 2017
Record Label: Unsigned/independent
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4.5Overall Score

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