Formed in 2005 by brothers Dale Sauve (guitars) and David Sauve (Drums), Endemise released their debut album in 2009, quickly following  up with the launch of their 2010 EP, giving their growing pool of fans a taste of things to come.

It has been three years since this Canadian 5 piece emerged with their worldwide, ten track release ‘Far From The Light’.   With an artistic blend of sounds from the darkest reaches, and orchestral influences, tracks such as the title track ‘Far From The Light’ and ‘Echoes’, defined their sound announcing to the world that they had arrived.

Their recent 2016 release, produced by their very own guitarist Dale Suave and Ken Sorceron (vocalist and guitarist of Abigail Williams), Endemise second album ‘Anathema’ was destined to be created with assiduousness.

The opening track sets an atmospheric tone, casting you into a land of a night time adventure deep in the woods with a camp fire that is dying out, complemented by the soft tweet of passing birds, whilst the unsettling sound of the strings, that where only an introduction to what can be described as a sound fit for the sound track to the Bodom Massacres in the 1960s.

A dominating death metal composition, filled to the brim with dynamic rhythms, encased with impressive black metal stylings, empowered by the grandness of the swirling orchestra.  The tracks themselves are precise and expertly produced.  The collection together is a lot to take in, when listened to in succession as with an album, overall they detract from one another as there is little diversity when you have all the songs elements competing for your attention all at once; for others this may be exactly the kind of submergence they are listening out for, for me this is a bit of a sensory overload.

This being said, there was one track that particularly stood out against the rest.  Varying in tempo and contrasting the tone of the album, ‘Soma’ displays a variety of vocal techniques against a back ground of progressive riffs, then breaks away for a moment of reflection before throwing you into a display of powerful vocals that don’t hold back.  Very chuggy with a powerful rhythm, working its way to the high pitched squeal of the guitar crying out for your attention.  More of this would have been a perfect addition to the album to vary up the albums intensity and add more weight to the melodic elements.

Whilst there isn’t a huge leap as such in style from their previous offering; ‘Anathema’ is a well produced, heavy album with bewitching melodies and  strong vocal variations.  I will be interested to see how they continue to develop over the next few years as Endemise come with a lot of talent and promise.

An epic, heavy and creative vibe to this album which I think would appeal to fans of mid period Dimmu Borgir, Insomnium, Abigail Williams, Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Endemise - Anathema

Release Date: October 2016
Label: Self Release

3.5Overall Score

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