Kreator is a German thrash metal band from Essen, Germany, formed in 1982 originally under the name Tormentor. The band is credited with pioneering the thrash metal sub genre in Europe and quickly became one of the ‘Big 4’ of Teutonic thrash metal. Fourteen studio albums, Kreator show no signs of slowing down or losing any of their musical brilliance.

The album starts with a very slow instrumental ‘Apocalypticon’ then launches its first assault with ‘World War Now’. The verses are fast, thrashy and brutal but showcase and good level of technicality while the chorus leads on with melodic, almost Power metal style guitars, definitely an outstanding start. ‘Satan is Real’ starts off a bit slower; with an ominous bell follows melodic guitars and then Mille bellows “Martyrs, You cannot kill us all. Vengeance will come as a shock, Destroy Us. But the paragon lives on, Among the wolves we’ll lead the pack” before launching into the chant of “Satan is Real”. I can see this one becoming a fan favourite for live shows and something to unify the crowd. I have to mention Sami Yli Sirnio for delivering my personal favourite solo of the album in ‘Totalitrian Terror’, he’s proven to have been an amazing addition to Kreator since he joined in 2001. The song kicks in very fast but with Power metal sounding guitars and heavy drum beat as does the title track ‘Gods of Violence’, both accompanied with dark but clever lyrics.

‘Army of Storms’, ‘Hail to the Hordes’ and ‘Lion with Eagle Wings’ give off a very classic Kreator feel; similar to the albums ‘Pleasure to Kill’ and ‘Coma of Souls’ with uses of some influences from Swedish Melodeath metal. All are great songs and ‘Hail to the Hordes’ is almost like a battle cry to rally us. ‘Fallen Brother’ starts of slow, almost sombre before it attacks with a thrashy vengeance, Sami’s solo contains all the elements of this song, fast, heavy, masterful and downright “badass”. ‘Side by Side’ is very much a pure thrash song that does slow down at one point just past the mid point, reminds me of the guitar style of Megadeth’s classic ‘Rust in Peace’ song. The song carries a lot of power and pays tribute to Kreator’s early years. ‘Death Becomes My Light’ starts slow, keeping itself soft and low before launching the album’s final assault in the form of another very classic sounding thrash style before finishing as quickly as it came.

It is definitely no easy job to beat Kreator’s classic, pioneering albums like ‘Pleasure to Kill’, ‘Extreme Aggression’ and ‘Coma of Souls’ and some of their newer releases like ‘Violent Revolution’, ‘Hordes of Chaos’ and ‘Phantom Anarchist’. I’m very happy to say that Kreator have managed to deliver a master piece of an album that is up there with ‘Pleasure to Kill’ and ‘Coma of Souls’ and has successfully surpassed both Phantom Anarchist and people’s expectations. This album is worth a buy

Kreator - Gods of Violence

Release Date: Jan 2017
Label: Nuclear Blast
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4.9Overall Score