Belle Haven is more than just a band. Belle Haven means family. Today they unleash the power of ‘The Carving Knife’ – their razor-sharp new track, accompanied by an ambitious and unique one-take, one-shot film clip.

Consisting of five best friends who call Melbourne home and have an overwhelming passion for music and people, Belle Haven is a constantly evolving art form. Belle Haven is always challenging what it takes to make both studio and live music special. That is something that will never change.

Locking themselves in a beach house for 3 days solid, they emerged with this emotional track that came straight from the wells of experience. Vocalist for Belle Haven, David Vernon, said “Lyrically, working on The Carving Knife was a new experience for me. The rest of the guys came into the process, when I would usually only work on it alone. This helped to create the best version of what I wanted to write.”

The filmclip goes from 0-100 in an instant – what initially seems an odd concept – not much takes place in the first section of the clip apart from the camera panning out – suddenly violently explodes into the band performing the track – passionately and without abandon. Not bad for doing the entire thing themselves.

The Carving Knife was produced and engineered by Matthew J Goldman at Glow In The Dark Studios, mixed by Matt McClellan and mastered by Kris Crummett.

Guitarist Chris Vernon felt it was the most united thing they had done as a band. “It felt like we were all on the same page when writing The Carving Knife. We definitely wanted to make sure the whole song vibe was right, and we achieved that.”

Releasing their debut record ‘Everything Ablaze’ in March 2015, the band has been consistently touring both nationally and internationally since. The Haven are taking the track (and another as-yet-unheard track!) on the road throughout November alongside SAVIOUR and Stepson on a tour promoted by Destroy All Lines – taking in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in a slew of shows that sees them do both All Ages and Licenced shows in most cities.

Pennsylvania bruisers The Last Ten Seconds Of Life have unveiled their new video ‘Little Black Line’, taken from their upcoming new album ‘The Violent Sound’, released October 21st via Siege Music.

Notorious for their crushing live performances and their uncompromisingly heavy dynamism, this new chapter sees the band venture into more melodic waters. TLTSOL trademark low-tuned grinding grooves are ferocious as ever and new vocalist John Robert C maintains the all important front-line aggression, however his huge range and diverse tones have refreshed their sound into something extraordinary.

The Violent Sound’ is the band’s latest offering since 2015’s crushing album ‘Soulless Hymns’. Recording was handled by long time producing colleague Carson Slovak, who has recorded all their work to date.

Raising Jupiter‘Drive On (I Wanna Know)’ are from the ‘Standing in the Light’ e.p. which is out now. A year on from the release of the critically acclaimed Amazon ‘best seller’ ‘Chrome EP’. As with its predecessor, legendary rock producer Beau Hill mixed and mastered the new EP at his Studio in Austin, Texas.

Since releasing the debut album ‘A Better Balance’ in 2014, main man Dave Aitken ( Vocals/guitar) has been busy taking his brand of rock music out on the road and has been steadily building a fan base which currently exceeds 85,000 across all the Raising Jupiter Social media platforms.

For this latest instalment, Dave is joined by drummer Kieran O Neill, who brings energy and drive to the stripped down two piece set up. The boys are more than capable of delivering a full on electric show, which has been rocking audiences at recent festival appearances over the summer months. To coincide with the EP release, a video for the lead track ‘Drive On ( I wanna know)’.

When asked about the background of ‘Drive On ( I Wanna Know)’, Dave said ” I suppose if you are familiar with the 27 Club, who’s members would include Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain. You’ll know they all passed away in tragic circumstances aged 27. They burned bright but their music lives on. Drive On is my little homage to these guys….”

The Hamburg based 5-piece sludge and stoner metal band has just returned from a quick tour with Elder in October, a busy festival summer with live appearances at such as Summer Breeze Festival, Desertfest Berlin, Up in Smoke and alongside many more shows and tours around Europe in 2016, with their first and critically acclaimed debut album ‘Scars & Crosses’, which came out this summer on Svart Records, High Fighter have just released a brand new video for the album track ‘Darkest Days’!

In the typical High Fighter manner, this new video comes like the previous visual works of the band, in a 100% DIY-production. Fuzzy, dark, lots of headbanging and with a wild soundmix of bluesy stoner riffs, screams you will feel to your bone and some heavy sludge tunes.

Mona Miluski, vocalist of the band, explains: “Since we’re releasing this video today, exactly two years ago when we unveiled the band to public & released our first EP that day, so many great moments, shows, new friends and experiences followed for us, I see this new video for ‘Darkest Days’ as some cool and trippin summary. Of two more than amazing years of our short and young band history already. Our bassist Constantin again did such great job on the video! He edited it all by himself and it’s again a pure do-it-yourself production. We used several live footage from our shows the past two years, and took some behind the scenes from tours & when we’ve been on the road…It’s a very dark track and video but also visually weird, wild and psychedelic on the other hand. But that’s what you get with High Fighter and on our album ‘Scars & Crosses’ in general: It’s not an easy-listening record, it’s more of a trip, and there’s also a lot of pain and beauty happening to the same time. Chosing the track ‘Darkest Days’ for a new video of High Fighter has only been a matter of course, soundwise, we all dig that song, from the lyrics’ perspective and its representation of our album vibe, but then this heavy contrast which comes with the visual footage of two awesome years with High Fighter. Seems we love contrasts!“

High Fighter have just formed in the Summer of 2014, but with their volatile cocktail of heavy as hell riffs, the blues and these deadly schizophrenic vocals, the band already offer something new to the sludge, blues, doom and stoner metal scene. After their ciritically acclaimed debut EP ‘The Goat Ritual’ (2014), followed by numerous shows all over Europe and the UK, including festivals, gigs and tours with bands such as Ahab, Mammoth Storm, Crowbar, Corrosion of Conformity, The Midnight Ghost Train, Earth Ship and many more, High Fighter have just released their first full length album ‘Scars & Crosses’ on June 10th 2016 on Svart Records.

Experimental Italian’s OvO have shared a a new video from their upcoming album ‘Creatura’. ’Satanam’ is described as “the discovery of a secret, a revelation that involves the freaky, weird inhabitants of a roulotte. Invocations and rituals bring OvO to them. In this story, OvO are the tree of life and death, and underground door to other dimensions”.

‘Creatura‘ is set for release on 9 December 2016 by Dio Drone on CD, vinyl and cassette. It comes to life as a mutant entity after a long period of gestation. Once born, its diversity becomes its strong point. Its uniqueness is not a limit: it does not create borders. It is an album whose originality is monstrous and colossal, a natural evolution of that which OvO expressed on “Abisso”. They have explored the possibility of intersections between extreme rock and electronica, digging deep down, and now they come out with this protean birth which renders them once again uncategorizable, on the outside of any scene
or framework.

Even the artwork reflects the path marked by the sound of the album, inspired by ancient and timeless symbols and iconography, by alchemical sigils of divination cards, yet with an original and identifying style. A symbolic joining with the cosmos from which every creature comes and to where everything returns in the end. It all came from an idea of Stefania Pedretti translated by the hands of Coito Negato, aka Stefano Matteoli, a Tuscan illustrator and frequent collaborator with the label.

For the release, they bet on a recently established label which best represents the new and contemporary way of making noise and the new way of “do it yourself”. The world has changed and to survive DIY must change with it while remaining proudly in opposition to the system. At the moment Dio Drone is the most lucid Italian response to this need. OvO find themselves at the beginning of their seventeenth year of activity with very clear ideas and a will to surf a so fluid contemporary state, raising new complexities and refusing to conform. The only thing which remains undismayed is their live appearances, we’re on the brink of thousands of concerts all over the world.

“Creatura” was recorded by Lorenzo Stecconi in a barn normally used by theater companies and mixed by the testosteronic hands of Giulio Favero and polished off with mastering by Giovanni Versari. In addition to vocals and guitar, Stefania Pedretti also captured some field recordings during OvO’s tour in Vietnam.

Bruno Dorella took on his usual role of playing his few pieces of drums, synth and drum machine programming and samples assembled by Dorella and Garaliya (or rather Morkobot), Riccardo Gamondi (Uochi Toki), Stefano Ghittoni (Dining Rooms), a034 and Reeks (Surgical Beat Bros, No Hay Banda Trio, Germanotta Youth). In composing the pieces, OvO used some of the methodologies of electronic music.

In particular, all of the base tracks of percussion and samples were first played live and then resampled, choosing loops in such a way as to reproduce the mechanical aspect typical of electronica. On top of this Stefania added her infernal world of guitar and voice, dividing both into many layers with diverse overdubs to create the monster to which you are listening.

It is not said that in the future OvO might move to pure electronica but in any case, for the moment, they are going to take this “Creatura” all around the world for a few of years.

“In a culture running out of ideas, the new Young Legionnaire album has something to say – even if it’s just goodbye.” – Gordon Moakes

‘Zero Worship’ is a record fighting to be heard in a sea of noise, both literally and conceptually. Recognising there are vast swathes of new music releases destined to go unlistened, ‘Zero Worship’ is pulled along by the tide, but swimming against it too. It’s political, in other words, at a time when musicians seem afraid to confront issues and ideas head on. Its subjects are many: the failure of the internet to set us free from the powers that be; the rise of post-truth politics; the increasing polarisation of online communities; the image of the anonymous protestor, embodying “a collective hope, in a hopeless time.”

Never before has Young Legionnaire – comprising former Yourcodenameis:milo frontman Paul Mullen, ex-Bloc Party bassist Gordon Moakes and Dean Pearson on drums – realised this fully their musical vision, washing out their taut melodies, math and post-rock influences in a carefully crafted wall of distortion. Armed with storming tracks like anthemic up-tempo lead single ‘Disappear’, a rallying call against “the narrow, backward-thinking powers of corporatism, nationalism and fundamentalism,” the spiralling grunge grind of ‘Sawn-Off Shotgun’ or the bass-led atmospheric alt-rock drive of ‘Hail, Hail’ they’re doing their best to land a killing blow. Paul’s trademark scream cuts through the mix like jumper leads meeting flesh, while the rhythm section fills out the tracks with textural flourish or counterpoint riffs as the occasion requires. The stop-start mathematic acrobatics of ‘Heart Attack’ are captured in this latest video.

That’s not to say ‘Zero Worship’ lacks lighter moments. The slow-burn melodrama of ‘Simone’ and wistful romance of ‘You And Me’ not only offer shelter from the storm raging outside, but also provide some of the album highlights. ‘You And Me’ is intimate, contrasting with the political and social message of the rest of the album, and reminding the listener that dramatic events in tumultuous times affect things on the scale of the personal, too. “It’s supposed to be a human-sounding record, made of human emotions. Of human concerns,” as Gordon puts it.

“Just leave the notes behind. Leave them to drift up to the clouds,” Paul sings in album closer ‘There Will Be An Escape Hatch’, and if there is a lyric that encapsulates the album, then it is this. Here is a record that cares about saying something, passing on a message with blind hope, but no expectations. If that’s provocative, nihilistic even, then this record is a call to arms – even if that call only rings out for a moment, an echo buried inside the constantly updating noise of the modern world.

‘Zero Worship’ was released on 25h November via Superstar Destroyer Records

Metalcore Quintet Cove have released a video for track ‘Buried’, with vocalist Sam King saying: “Buried is a track that relates to us all closely, the song is about shutting the world out and being afraid to act out all because of meaningless job’s and throwing others under the bus just to try and ‘climb the success ladder’, only to find yourself buried by your own doings.” The track features on the band’s debut, mini-album ‘We Were Once Lost’, which saw release earier this month.

Recorded with producer Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios, ‘We Were Once Lost’ sees the Kent mob succeed in their aims of writing “heavy, riffy music, with big choruses that make you grab your friends in the middle of a mosh pit and sing along”. Featuring thudding, muscular grooves and stomp paired with ferocious roars aplenty, Cove’s debut is a post-metalcore powerhouse, evoking Ruin/Hollow Crown era-Architects, whilst also drawing from the gene pools of Defeater and While She Sleeps. Bruising riffs and urgent, desperate screams give way to moments of melodic, textured respite, before plunging back into the abyss again – Cove already leaps and bounds ahead of their would-be peers.

Completed by guitarists Ben Braizer and Pete Woolven, Bassist Charlie Smith and Drummer Jac Bowdery, the Kent group chose the name Cove in order to steer away from the conventions of the heavy music world: “It means we can sound however we want without tying us down to a genre – and it’s short and sweet,” King declares. But how would they describe their sound as it stands? “We’re all fans of songs that have groove, and for us that is all about a catchy riff that you can nod your head to, but makes you do that “ooooooh” face when you hear it.”

Melbourne Djent/Progressive Metalcore outfit Arkive intricate, explosive and ultimately intriguing track is an initial look at forthcoming material from the six-piece. The video doubles as a taste of Arkive’s personality on stage – energetic, passionate, razor sharp and never dull. Metalcore and progressive influences combined with modern “Djent” stylings make up the body of Arkive’s unique and different sound, with vocals throwing back to pop and indie roots.

Arkive are dropping their video for single ‘Everstorm’, which had it’s radio premiere last night on triple j’s The Racket with Lochlan Watt. Arkive are currently on tour supporting Buried in Verona and Capture the Crown and have dates still remaining in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

The intricate, explosive and ultimately intriguing track is an initial look at forthcoming material from the six-piece. The video doubles as a taste of Arkive’s personality on stage – energetic, passionate, razor sharp and never dull. Metalcore and progressive influences combined with modern “Djent” stylings make up the body of Arkive’s unique and different sound, with vocals throwing back to pop and indie roots.

Arkive formed out of the ashes of a previous band, picking up a new vocalist and a new sonic direction – and after a short period of rehearsal, their 2015 self-titled EP was tracked with Callan Orr from Dream on Dreamer at Avalanche Studios.

Danish modern metal 5-piece Aphyxion will release their new album ‘Aftermath’ on 2nd December and have revealed their new single / video ‘Destined To Fail’. ‘Aftermath’ is an 11 track monstrous blend of aural savagery, which is set to make Denmark’s brightest hopes the fastest rising new band in Europe. Having honed in on their strengths: crushing riffs, gargantuan hooks and punchy song structures, their second album sees them step up their game to par with some of the biggest bands in today’s scene. This is all the impressive given that they are barely in their 20s.

Since forming, the band has played over 100 shows with dates on multiple European tours, a performance at Copenhell and one at Wacken, where the then 16-year-old members hold the record for being the youngest band to play the festival.

‘The Hum’ is the first ever solo album by Marc Heal and his first full-length release since the year 2000. He has been a presence in electronic music since the late 1980’s when his band Westwon toured with Gary Numan and recorded with Colin Thurston. The first single, ‘Adult Fiction’, was released on 7th October and is being promoted with a video made by E Gabriel Edvy.