theanswersolascdFantastically diverse, though at the same time a little bit confused. The Answer are our Irish Hard-Rock band, time and time again showing us how well they channel classic rock vibes while still maintaining originality. ‘Solas’ shows the band taking a number of small risks and showcases a number of different tones ranging in heaviness and pace. The album is a lot less flowy than their previous album ‘Raise a Little Hell’ with a variety of tones ranging from Zeppelin-esque to indie to even a little bit of country coming through. While there are very memorable moments in this album, individual songs in the album just don’t seem to link. Yet, The Answer truly shine, especially when experimenting with orchestral and atmospheric vibes, even though some songs sound like filler and are frankly boring (I’m looking at you ‘Thief of Light’).

This is their 6th studio album and the band, having toured with AC DC and playing alongside Whitesnake are well-established. This album’s lack of consistency compared to previous gives the impression that the band is trying out new things. The worthy titular track is a suspenseful and grand song a channelling a lot of ‘Kashmir’ by Led Zeppelin but not in too direct a way. ‘Beautiful World’ follows this with its eeriness and powerful vocals by Cormac Neeson. The beginning and the end of the album shine the brightest while tracks ‘Untrue Colour’ and ‘Thief of Light’ lose a lot of the originality seen in the other songs on the album which finishes far softer than it began. Having said that Paul Mahon’s compositions in this album truly exhibited the bluesy edge the band is known for. Thus, we have here a great album which, if it cut a few more boring songs out, would have been a complete masterpiece.

The Answer - Solas

Release Date: 28th October 2016
Label: Napalm Records
Band Website:
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3.5Overall Score

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