“Oh’ The Horror” the first single from Orations forthcoming album “Wych Elm.” perfectly captures the bands jangling post punk/college rock sound. Fueled by Jess Collins dynamic vocal delivery and Paul Morin’s lush, full bodied guitar sounds the song takes you on a sonic journey that is dark and haunting yet subliminally catchy at the same time. Think Siouxsie Sioux fronting R.E.M. “Wych Elm” will be available later this Fall on Custom Made Music in the U.S. and Swiss Dark Nights in Europe.

Bad Solution were formed in 2011 by guitarists Trix and Mariusz. Originally made up of all Polish members, in November 2011 British vocalist Alex Willox took over as the frontman adding a new energy and sound to the bands music.

In December 2013, drummer Mariusz Burzynski unfortunately announced his departure due to medical reasons, making way for British Metal Drummer, Joe Patterson. Wojtek Suberlak completed the line up. From the first rehearsal, there was an obvious musical connection throughout the new lineup.

After two months of playing together, Bad Solution made their live debut in Hammersmith, London for Poland’s most recognised charity (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity). Having had such a great response from this show, Bad Solution hit the live scene all around the UK, and have shared the festival stages with some big names such as: Gallows, The Blackout, Soulfly to name a few.

As the ideal antidote to an average existence, Bad Solution are sure to be the poison of choice for rock fans everywhere.The band released their debut EP ‘Self Destruct’ last year to rave reviews.

French heavy metallers Existance, have released a new music video for “Breaking The Rock”. The song is taken from their brand new 100% heavy metal album ‘Breaking The Rock’, due out on October 15th via Black Viper Records.

Strong riffs, catchy rhythms and lyrics, memorable solos and Julian Izard (vocalist) shows he can hang with his Traditional Metal contemporaries. The band’s declaration is to keep the musical spirit of the 80s Metal alive and ‘Breaking The Rock‘ certainly does. Fans of Priest, Maiden & Saxon keep an eye on this band!

‘Alpha’ is the aptly titled inaugural release from Sheffield’s bizarrely named AWOOGA. Set for physical release on 9 December via Rockosmos (Amplifier, Thumpermonkey), Alpha is the perfect introduction to their dark yet humorous world.

Comprising James Borrowdale (guitar) and brothers Tam & Taz Ali (bass/vocals and drums respectively), the trio’s compelling take on rock fuses together a  multitude of shoegaze, psych, prog, and stonerdoom influences, occupying a place somewhere between Deftones, Tool and Swervedriver.

There’s something eternally magical about rock three pieces – and AWOOGA absolutely smash it with ease as ‘Alpha’ lays out the stall for what’s to come.

‘Alpha ‘will be available as a beautiful flame red heavyweight ultra collectable artefact, lovingly cut by lathe supremo Gregg Moore and complete with the instantly striking artwork from AWOOGA’s Chris Pick.

AWOOGA will be announcing live dates in December to coincide with the release which will be announced in due course.

French depressive black-metal Abduction have just unveiled the first track from their forthcoming debut album “Une Ombre régit les Ombres”, which is set for release on October 28th via Finisterian Dead End. Featuring six new tracks spanning 54 minutes, “Une Ombre régit les Ombres” was produced by Déhà (Clouds, Yhdarl, Deviant Messiah, Aurora Borealis, etc.) at HH Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria and follows-up the four-piece’s critically acclaimed demo “Heights’ Shivers”, released in early 2010.

Since their debut performance, Boston’s, You People have been quietly amassing a tattered catalog of noise-pop songs with feedback-soaked brutality. Slashing guitar circles over fuzzed-out rhythm and poignant half-confessional/half-accusatory lyrics sung in 3 part harmony; the whole affair constantly threatening to run off the rails at any moment. 4 years of explosive creativity has resulted in You People throwing down a much-anticipated heavy classic that harkens back to albums that shaped the band as impressionable 80s youth. “Dropouts” available in late Fall from Custom Made Music is You People’s first full-length album and is a celebration of life’s failures, as well as its tempered victories

American hard rock band Into The Fire was conceived in 2013 by vocalist Bryan Scott (The Union Underground, Cult To Follow), bassist Tim King (SOiL) and guitarist Adam Zadel (SOiL). Long time friend Will Hunt (Evanescence) was brought in on drums soon after.
“I was sitting around with Adam one day talking about who would be great to jam with”, states bassist Tim King. “I shot Bryan Scott a text message and Into The Fire was born a day later.”
The group grabbed onto this opportunity and started putting material together. According to Bryan Scott “As soon as Tim sent me the material I immediately had ideas and started putting vocals down. The music had the perfect vibe for what I wanted to do.”
The first 2 released tracks ‘Spit You Out’ and ‘From The Medicine’ were engineered, produced and mixed by Bryan W.Scott and mastered by James Murphy. The result can be best described as a raw and stripped down rock sound with modern elements.

British masked nu-metal band Anti-Clone release twisted freaky new music video. But behind the freak, (sic) visual landscape of ‘Astaroth’, as with everything Anti-Clone do, there’s method behind the madness.  Frontman Mr Clone explains, “The lesser key of Solomon states that he giveth true answers of things past, present, and to come, and can discover all secrets. The new video explores a man performing an invocation of this demon, to reveal the true nature of this world.”

Crippled Black Phoenix have revealed the 2nd track from their forthcoming album ‘Bronze’. The UK dark progressive rockers will release their stunning new full-length on November 4th.
Justin Greaves comments: “Some songs depart from my mind into reality without consent. ‘Winning A Losing Battle’ is one of those. The track just barged itself into the world. It is also one of the musically unconventional Crippled Black Phoenix style of songs that keep appearing on our albums. The title says it all. We have been through a lot of adversity as a band in these past two years and even though it seemed that all is doomed at times – I/we never gave up or gave in. We just say ‘screw you’ to the people and forces that tried to bring us down. Crippled Black Phoenix win, and always will.”

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