los-diseBy far the heaviest and emotionally raw album released by LDDSM yet. The bands 3rd offering and they have by far exceeded my expectation – This album grappled my attention and has me hooked me right from the get go. Confession time! I love a good concept album and this surely does not disappoint! With a lot of current trend around post apocalyptic times and themes, it is difficult to come across something that offers a real stench of honesty and originality. This superb French 5 piece have captured the essence, poured on some solid rock with a grungy doom grove and recorded it here for your listening pleasure.

At ‘7PM choose to close your eyes and let the atmospheric sounds take you into a post apocalyptic world as you join the journey of the Human Collapse. With the hubbub of chaos and subtle sirens in the ether, the stage is set perfectly for the rest of the album and you’ll be looking around for make shift weaponry and plotting your food store in no time.

Decision provides some time for reflection and has a very real presence of empathy which you can truly feel right from pressing play. This is perfect opportunity for reflection given that the band have chosen to dedicate this offering to the memory of those tragically lost during the French terror attacks of 13th November 2015, and to refugees around the world who have chosen to survive.

Throughout the album there is a persistent and ominous presence that has such poignant and beautiful melodies that give the album a very metaphorical human persona, notably track 6 ‘Community’. The presence of emotion is strong and the feeling I experienced as I began listening to ‘Rebirth’ was solidarity; Not just from the delicate composition of the music, but the softness of Niko’s vocals as he verbalises the vision of this future world and the isolation that is very real for this concept.

In the very next track ‘Determination’, you have a steel toe cap boot kicking you straight out of the melancholy and gives you that attitude of success and the will to overcome the despair around you. There’s an air of courage that is conveyed clearly through the rhythm of the chug on the strings and a real punch line from the kick. The melodies compliment the music in a way that can leave you lost in the music for hours, adding another layer and providing a real ambiance to the album.
Whether they are mentally preparing you for a riot with the powerful ‘Decision’, or laying you to rest at the ‘5PM Arrival’, the changing pace as the chapters of this concept album unfurl are the perfect to treat your ears and really let you imagination run riot in this insanely talented French 5 piece’s creation.

The story that this album tells whilst leading you through their world is one of devastation, triumph, success and raw determination to survive. With a diverse range of tempos orchestrated with precision, this album comes with a personal high recommendation – Anyone who’s a sucker for Stoner Rock, Grunge, Doom, Politically Influenced Concepts or those looking for a musical tale, give this album a blast, you won’t be disappointed!

Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel - Human Collapse

Release Date: 9th September 2016
Label: Ripple Music
Band Website: Facebook
Buy Album: Bandcamp

4.5Overall Score

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