65daysofstatic-no-mans-sky‘No Man’s Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe’ is the latest album by 65 Days Of Static that has been created to accompany the sci-fi survival video game of the same title. Released around the world in August 2016. The gameplay of No Man’s Sky features exploration, survival, combat, and trading functions within the game. There are 18 quintillion planets, each with their own individual formations, plants and animals.

Similar to other sandbox games, participants have freedom within the game to explore the generated universe, and what better companion to such a beautiful game than the carefully constructed audio back drops created by 65DOS.

Since the release of 65DOS debut album ‘The Fall Of Math’ in 2004, the band have continued to grow and explore the deepest realms of their creations, pushing their boundaries and developing their unique sound, producing a further 4 studio albums prior to the release of ‘No Mans Sky’.

This new release from 65DOS features the ultimate sound capture of the infinite space. The whole album is a wonderful transient delight that flows beautifully from each composition to the next, moving through a variety feelings as you progress through the compositions.

So lets think about the universe around us, all that exists and all that has existed surrounding us. 91 billion light years in diameter, the exact size is not known. Where did it come from? How did it come to be? Why are we here? Is there anybody or anything out there? How many colours are there, or is it limited by my imagination? To create such honest pieces that truly reflect the concept 65DOS have really opened their minds to these ideas and captured them within their compositions. Such vividness is displayed, most notably within Super Moon, the blend of the beating drums mashed with the symphony of the pianos and the delicate uplifting undertone of the guitar.

Full credit to the 4 piece from Sheffield, this is a product of true artistry that perfectly suits the ambiance of the game enabling players to get lost in the evanescent sounds of escape. Although created to accompany an undeniably aesthetically delightful game, this album stands up alongside the bands previous works and holds itself on its own merit. You can certainly do appreciate the civility and humanity of triumph and ominousness conveyed within the compositions that this album offers.

From the haunting echo’s of Minecraft’s ghosts captured within ‘Hypersleep’, to the almost classical sounds within ‘Heliosphere’. From calm, tranquil and peaceful to unease, caution and determination; 65DOS have once again and truly demonstrated their ability to express through the channels of musical composition alone. 65 Days Of Static have really shone out as a the top choice for creating a perfect soundscape.

There is something that draws you into this album by its tractor beam and doesn’t want to let you go.

65 Days of Static - No Man's Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe

Release Date: 2016
Label: Monotreme Records
Band Website: 65daysofstatic.com
Buy Album: lacedrecords

4.0Overall Score

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