‘Blink of an Eye’ the remarkable new single from Those Damn Crows. Taken from their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Murder and the Motive’ (due September 26th), ‘Blink of an Eye’ is a hugely melodic slice of modern rock, propelled by Shane Greenhall’s passionate vocals and blessed with an unforgettable hook, ‘Blink of an Eye’ captures the essence of the band in just under five remarkable minutes!

Following in a rich tradition of Welsh rock bands, Bridgend quintet Those Damn Crows pride themselves in hard hitting, powerful and melodic modern hard rock. The five piece have been steadily building quite a reputation on the live circuit, with acclaimed appearances at Camden Rocks, HRH 2015 amongst others…  which  led to the band inking a deal with Paul Ryan at UTA agency.

Melbourne’s Spectral Fires have released their video for new single ‘New Resolve’, a melodic hardcore thumper – and announce the details for their new EP – ‘Wayfarer’.

The clip was shot in country Victoria in a converted turn-of-the-20th-Century Butter Factory in Newstead, Victoria by Cian Marngaros. Wayfarer was recorded by internationally renowned producer Jay Maas (formerly of Defeater). The boys have also teamed up with David Vernon (Belle Haven), who recently joined as manager. Vocalist Jack was beaming about the new record and the chance to work with Jay Maas. “As long-time admirers of Jay, we were so lucky to have him produce and mix the record – the whole experience was like a dream. The six tracks on Wayfarer centre around the theme of journeying, moving from one place or time to another – and the motivations, obstacles, and help we find on the way.”

Spectral Fires was formed in 2013 by two sets of brothers, Harry and Jonah Pratt (guitars) and Lachlan and Daniel Cooper (drums and bass) along with long-term high school mate Jack Jeffree on vocals. Noted among their peers for their original take on melodic hardcore and high-energy live shows, Spectral Fires have shared the stage with the likes of Dream On, Dreamer, Ocean Grove, Belle Haven, Trophy Eyes, Antagonist AD, Columbus and many more.

Since their inception, Spectral Fires have released their EP ‘Old Haunts’, a two-track ‘ATTRITION || PROGRESSION’ as well as single ‘Headstrong’.

Spectral Fires ‘Watfarer’ E.P. will be available for pre-order Friday 2nd September on iTunes and at the Collision Course webstore, for delivery on October 21st, through MGM Distribution.

Atropas are releasing their new music video ahead of their European tour with Words That Burn, which starts in Hungary tomorrow! The video for the song “Alone” carries a heavy anti-war message, capturing the intense feeling of the whole album.

“We want you to realize what this video is about: Just like the rest of our album “Episodes of Solitude”, this song is about the horrors of war and we wanted this video to reflect that. There is no sense in killing each other, and in this day and age of people killing each other being omnipresent in our media, we decided to make a statement against exactly that, with our music, our lyrics and now with this new video. “No sense in this whole story, fuck all your grace and glory, I’m but a shadow of who I used to be”. Thanks go to our friend and beautiful model, Nathalie Fontolliet, for being part of this video. This whole thing was filmed and edited by Philipp Smart, who’s also the frontman of our good friends Kill The Unicorn. Thank you very much for your great work.” 

Their third single is taken off of their album “Episodes of Solitude”, available now in all your favourite online music stores.

Darkwell was born early 1999, with the aim and motivation to create alive and profound Gothic Metal. All the bandmembers are experienced musicians. They know well how to inspire liveliness in their music, resulting in strong compositions and mature arrangements. Here is their new video “Yoshiwara”, which is a hommage to Fritz Langs’s fantastic 1927 movie “Metropolis”

Katatonia is set to hit the road shortly in support of its tenth studio effort, ‘The Fall of Hearts’  – A beautiful behemoth of desolate and dark forces, Katatonia’s latest offering was self-produced by its own Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse.

Today, Sweden’s reigning progressive rock/metal king is proud to reveal their beautifully emotive music video to ‘Shifts’, directed by Lasse Hoile, taken from The Fall of Hearts.

“As the music for this song unfolded it took off in a different direction from usually what we do. Driven by its gentle, lush and shimmering rendition of melancholy it would take you for a waltz daydreaming of the past, longing for the happiest times of your life, only to find that when the dance is over, emptiness has filled another chamber of your heart. Both Jonas and Lasse enhanced these ideas into beautifully told lyrics and a simple, but very touching video.” Anders Nyström

Katatonia vocalist Jonas Renkse reveals the how the song’s lyrical concept was born Once I heard Anders’ initial demo for “Shifts” I had a feeling that it needed a timeless kind of lyric. The sentimental kind of music made me think of how memories of better days can keep one alive… and it had me writing down a vague, modest thought on war, how it separates people, and ultimately brings a certain death that would only be eased by the thought of past days and a loved one.” 

“You can hear that the song is about loss and how it’s hard to let go of someone once they are gone for good. The woman in the video spends a lot of time working alone which makes her struggle with coping even harder, as being alone gives you too much time to think and brings back all those memories. The concept is something that everyone can relate to, which makes it very powerful” director Lasse Hoile explains.

Katatonia begin their European headline shows on 22nd September with a special show performing ‘The Great Cold Distance’ at The Ancient Theatre in Plovdiv, Bulgaria before heading out on The Fallen Hearts Of Europe tour and then they’ll head to Australia for shows in December. For full details and ticket info see https://www.facebook.com/katatonia

TesseracT has released a new music video today for their track titled “Hexes”. Directed by George Laycock (Blacktide Phonic/Visual) and conceptualized by vocalist Daniel Tompkins and bassist Amos Williams, this is the second music video the band has released from their most recent LP, Polaris, which came out last year. “Hexes represents a vivid dream and distant memory,” says Tompkins. “One of holding onto the secrets between two people; a history shrouded in secrecy.

To maintain the intimate and personal nature of the concept, we knew that we needed a video director that didn’t simply understand the lyrics but someone who could connect to the intensity of the music, and was willing to work closely together in creating the right visuals.”

On first contact with Blacktide we knew that we had found the right team. The video was shot over four different locations scattered across the UK including Leicester’s National Space Centre, where we filmed some striking footage from inside a replica of the Columbus module from the International Space Station; shot in the early hours while the centre was closed to the public.

Without a doubt Hexes is the most cohesive and impactful video we have made to date and we’re extremely proud of the end result.

Sercati (Melodic Black Metal from Belgium) are proud to present their new official video for the song “The Anesthetist”, taken from the EP “In the Shadows and Sidewalks” (released in 2015 through Wormholedeath/The Orchard). Directed by Michel Garsou, the video tells the story of the Nightstalker talks about his new enemy. Another villan sent by Lucifer that he must defeat. He doesn’t know who is hiding behind the mask. The first fight against this enemy starts.

Sercati’s story began in 2009, after a recording session between Steve, Damien & Nico. Songs were created and recorded for a half a year before a first demo, simply called « Sercati », was made. The second, « The Night Stalker », was recorded a little while after. Thanks to Carlo Bellotti Publishing, who found an amazing sound engineer for the recording and a label, Casket Music (Copro records), to produce « Tales Of The Fallen ». For the recording of the album, the band needed a real drummer instead of the rythmbox used before. That is how, in november, Yannick, a good friend of the band, joined them. Still, the whole band thinks that the best pieces are yet to come. Early 2012, the band left Casket Music to sign with a serbian label, Grom Records, to re-release the first album and produce a second one. Steve is sponsored by the strings Skull Strings and picks from Nologo Picks. And it’s in june 2013 that Nicolas left the band and the other members say welcome to Florian and later in 2014, Olivier Clément comes to play guitar in Sercati. Florian left the band few mounth later and finally Simon join the band in december 2014.

Alter Eden have just released a video for the new single ‘Colourless’ which is taken from their next EP which is set for release in early 2017. Colourless is a great introduction to the heavy hitting yet accessible rock sound that Alter Eden are gaining a name for. Colourless can be purchased on iTunes right now.
Alter Eden explain the motivation for Colourless: “When you look at all the great things in the world, all the things that really make an impact, they are all built on a platform of 100% investment from the creator. We don’t want to ever give anything less than everything in our band. Colourless is about that passion, about why people dedicate themselves to a cause. It’s a song that encompasses what we’re all about as a band; focusing on the things in your life that give you meaning, that makes your heart race faster, and that gives colour to your world.”

Belarusian Death/Doom Metal band Beyond the Darkness was formed in 2007 by Mihail Stefanovich and  Denis Pavluchenko. The band released their debut album ‘Blind Shadows’ in 2015, and now work on the second album.  Beyond the Darkness premieres a new music video for “Avid Hunger”, taken from the album ‘Blind Shadows’.

“We want to make people aware of the many wars which still rage on today, killing millions of innocent people all for nothing. I will scream for the weak voices that are victims of this modern day travesty,” declares vocalist Sam King, of Kent Poat-Metalcore quintet Cove. Talking of their new video single ‘An Honour’, he continues: “I think collectively this is our favourite song, it has a wide range of dynamics and big anthemic choruses, something the band want to look towards more for future material. It’s an in your face ear and eye opener.”

Completed by guitarists Ben Braizer and Pete Woolven, Bassist Charlie Smith and Drummer Jac Bowdery, the quintet chose the name Cove in order to steer away from the conventions of the heavy music world: “It means we can sound however we want without tying us down to a genre – and it’s short and sweet,” King declares. But how would they describe their sound as it stands? “We’re all fans of songs that have groove, and for us that is all about a catchy riff that you can nod your head to, but makes you do that “ooooooh” face when you hear it.”

The single is taken from their forthcoming debut release, ‘We Were Once Lost’, which will be unveiled 7th October. The mini-album features 7 tracks and was recorded with producer Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios. ‘We Were Once Lost’ sees the Kent mob succeed in their aims of writing “heavy, riffy music, with big choruses that make you grab your friends in the middle of a mosh pit and sing along”. Featuring thudding, muscular grooves and stomp paired with ferocious roars aplenty, Cove’s debut is a post-metalcore powerhouse, evoking Ruin/Hollow Crown era-Architects, whilst also drawing from the gene pools of Defeater and While She Sleeps. Bruising riffs and urgent, desperate screams give way to moments of melodic, textured respite, before plunging back into the abyss again – Cove already leaps and bounds ahead of their would-be peers.

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