Just six months since the release of ‘Perpetuated By Greed’, Tom Reynolds, under his one man extreme metal pseudonym Foul Body Autopsy is back again with a new single. Entitled ’21st Century Fascism’, and a continuation from ‘Perpetuated By Greed’, the single is “about the rise of the extreme right wing within modern mainstream politics.”

’21st Century Fascism’ was produced by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir) and features artwork by Alan O’Neill of Zonument. The single is set for release on CD and digitally via Grindscene Records October 1st 2016.

“Not long after I finished ‘Perpetuated By Greed’ I wrote a song that would become ’21st Century Fascism,’ Tom explains “…and for some reason or another, I liked the idea of recording a single in the summer for release around the winter while I began work on the next full length. I sent a demo of the song to Russ Russell and asked if he would be interested in producing the track with me. A few days later Russ replied saying that he liked the track and so we booked time into his studio. For me working with Russ was an amazing experience, it was the first time I had anyone really ‘produce’ my work. He suggested changing some of the lyrics to make things fit better and also suggested an arrangement that would ultimatly make the song much better than the original. The mixing and mastering is amazing and I would love to work with Russ again someday!”

Toronto, ON’s rock ensemble Uforia have released their new music video directed by Finger Eleven guitarist James Black for their track ‘Fight or Flight’. The song is the title track off the band’s latest EP released on July 15th to follow their fan-funded full length 2015’s ‘Transmutation’ and 2012’s debut EP ‘Imagining’.

“We had the luck and honour of having our single “Fight or Flight” played at the Blue Jays games all summer and felt that there was a great enough demand to release a music video. Working with James and Rich was a pleasure and we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished. This is for the fans and the people ready to face their fears.” comments vocalist / guitarist Michael Ursini.

What began as a solo project for Michael Ursini (Singer/Songwriter/Rhythm Guitar) has morphed into Uforia, a talented four-piece hard rock band that has released three EPs since 2012. Based in Toronto and influenced by Billy Talent, Incubus, Finger Eleven and Our Lady Peace, among others, the group also consists of Adam Brik (Lead Guitar), Daniel Salij (Bass) and Julien Bigras (Drums).

Uforia’s third EP is the high energy ‘Fight or Flight’, featuring five songs all produced by and co-written with Steve Molella (Finger Eleven). “Steve has had a massive influence on myself and Uforia,” says Ursini. “He worked his butt off to make each song reach its maximum potential. I’ve learned more about songwriting and recording in the last year than ever before because of his talent and energy.”

The aggressive and riff-laden title track (which is also the lead single) is about the struggle of making difficult decisions. “It was originally conceived after Adam hit a tree and dislocated his thumb in a snowboarding fall,” explains Ursini. “He was in so much pain and didn’t feel he could wait to be rescued. In that moment he made the choice to get himself down the mountain and seek the medical attention he needed.”

The EP continues with “Radiation”, a warning that ecological change is inevitable and we must embrace it and evolve in order to survive. “Wake Me” is about the struggle to wake up and escape the darkness of a dream world, while “Overthrow” encourages listeners to be patient and to take control of their own destiny when the moment is right. The EP closer “Is Anybody Living” is a track about facing your fears, particularly the fear of change.

Montreal blackened doom Éohum (pronounced ee-o-um) have teamed up with The Sludgelord for the premiere of their video ‘Eurocide’ directed by Chris Kells of The Agonist and his film company FTB Visuals.

“I believe this video clearly depicts the message and ideas behind Éohum. The music and concept of this project are well demonstrated. We are truly honored as the quality, location and mix are awesome.” comments band founder / guitarist Jeremy Perkins.

‘Eurocide’ is off  Éohum’s latest EP ‘Ealdfaeder released during March 2016 via founder / guitarist Jeremy Perkins’ indie label Mycelium Networks and was produced with Chris Donaldson of Cryptopsy at The Grid along with a special guest recording from drummer Simon Mackay (The Agonist) on tracks 2-4-5 to follow up their debut album ‘Revelations, Aurora Of An Epoch’. Lyrically the EP is inspired by poems written by Perkins on the loss of culture and tradition due to greed and colonization across the globe.

California G-Punks (Hed)p.e. have premiered a new music video, ‘Pay Me’.

Taken from their latest album ‘Forever!’, frontman Jahred said, “This video is just a perfect window into the everyday life of a band on tour. It just shows us kicking back, riding, smoking, and mostly importantly SHREDDING!””I like how it builds up from just straight skanging around the street to something more meaningful. It shows how fun our live shows are, and it shows how tight knit the band is as people. The song just ROCKS so HARD!”

(Hed)P.E. are special guests on Alien Ant Farm’s UK-IRE Tour this October and November. The tour will see the band performing songs from the new album ‘Forever!’ plus a host of back catalogue classics, PLUS Alien Ant Farm will be playing their chart hit album ‘ANThology?’ in full, to mark its 15th anniversary.

Vektrill are a three piece electric space rock band based in Worthing, near Brighton. Composed of Scott Miller (guitar and vocals), Carlos Toppin (bass) and Jordan Stone (percussion) and combining vicious drum beats, powerful bass riffs, screaming guitar leads and heart wrenching melodies, they create epic space rock symphonies that are sure to leave you feeling emotionally charged and ready for more!

EP ‘Cyborg’ is out now, available on iTunes and from http://www.vektrill.com/store.html

Kingbreaker is Spinky, Gabriel, Tom and Mikko, a new London-based band of metalheads from four different countries and two different hemispheres, drawn together by the need to play music, the desire to do something a little different, to create, to perform, to headbang, to rock.

Kingbreaker’s music began as a living room collaboration between Australian bassist Tom, and Portuguese guitarist Gabriel in 2013. They had been playing together in London band Cities Will Fall for a few years prior, and conceived of a new project during the terminal stages of Cities’ unfortunate demise. Their many subsequent riff-packed, groovy jams were fruitful, and the results were funnelled into arrangements sufficient to pique the interest of Finnish drummer Mikko, and Spinky, a vocalist from Hertfordshire and fellow member of Gabriel’s in The Mariana Hollow, who both joined in 2014.

Mikko’s precision, power, and rhythmic song-craft, together with Spinky’s truly unique and versatile voice, and evocative, enthralling lyrics and melodies, elevated the arrangements into songs distinct from and far beyond what Gabriel and Tom had first imagined. This new level of creativity and collaboration propelled Kingbreaker’s songwriting forward, and by summer 2015 they’d completed ten songs that would become their debut album.

Recorded and engineered by Jamie Dodd at Hackney’s Flesh & Bone Studios, To the Fire is an explosive, thunderous first effort, that energetically thrusts and bounces the listener along on an exploration of chugging riffs, venomous solos, crashing rhythms, and powerful, memorable choruses. It’s a journey that shifts with ease and grace from heaviness and aggression, to introspection and frailty. From darkness to colour. From beauty to ugliness and back again. And it will always, always leave you wanting more.

Dethonator release ‘I Am Thunder God’ and ‘Harbinger’ as a Double A side single on 23rd September. Dethonator have blended together elements of old school, contemporary and power metal with soaring melodies, huge guitars and vocals switching easily between smooth and growl to produce a stomping pair of metal tracks, a great lead in to the forthcoming release of their self titled album in October 15th.

Originally forged in the East Midlands of England, now established in London, Dethonator are an exciting, four-piece Heavy Metal band. Starting out as young teenagers in the summer of 2002, Dethonator have honed their craft over a decade and a half of gigs and tours, demos and self releases, line-up and even name changes to become what they are today.
Having earned a formidable reputation for their hi-octane, exhilarating live performances and their anthemic songs, Dethonator’s fan base has been steadily growing in the capital. After 2013’s full length album, ‘Return To Damnation’ and 2014’s E.P, ‘Monuments to Dead Gods’, Dethonator now reissue their self titled first album, remixed and partially rerecorded by the current line-up. This eponymous release features many of their most popular songs, such as ‘Harbinger’, ‘Shadows’ and ‘In The Place of The Skull’; all regular staples in their live shows over the last few years. There is more yet to come in the immediate future, as the band will be entering the studio again to record their most ambitious album yet in 2017.
Dethonator gig regularly in the U.K. and have undertaken ventures into Europe to play short tours and festivals. In 2014, the band enjoyed a spot on the line-up at Germany’s Steel Meets Steel Festival. In their time on the road and around the venues, Dethonator have had the privilege of supporting artists such as Kobra and The Lotus, U.F.O., Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, Sacred Mother Tongue, Onslaught, Orden Ogan, Blaze Bayley and Furyon, as well as many other reputable bands in the British underground.

The Ellipsis are a four-piece indie-rock band with great songs and a great future. Featured regularly on their BBC local station in the UK and played on Kerrang and BBC Radio 1.

Formed in 2013, the lads are still only 19 years old but show amazing maturity in their writing and their performances. They have played venues up and down the country and have had a summer of Festival appearances, recently opening The Godiva Festival in their home-town of Coventry. Their first single, ‘White Feather’, immediately got radio play, helping them draw crowds for their shows around the Midlands. Their live presence has continued to rise with their growing reputation; playing the Wychwood Festival, headlining Coventry OxJam, TEDx, Motofest and performing in front of 30,000 rugby fans at the Ricoh Arena amongst many highlights.

Their creative fusion of indie and alternative rock fuel songs which are as catchy as they are melodically dramatic and lyrically insightful. Never creatively standing still, The Ellipsis persistently push and find evolution in their sound, resulting in tracks like the single ‘Wasted Potential Me’ with an equally dynamic video which has already won two national awards at The British Film Institute in London and ‘Cold Cactus’ released on September 2nd.

With increasing radio play and being recognised by The Coventry Music Museum, 2016 is gearing up to be their most successful year yet!

This from Midlands band Of Kings And Captains,  who will be releasing their new e.p on 9th Sept.  It’s been produced by Gavin Monaghan and the new single is called ‘Jack My Boy’

British post-metal lords Telepathy reveal the riveting video for “Hiraeth” (a Welsh word describing a homesick torment) it is Telepathy’s first released material since their 2014 album “12 Areas”. The band comments: “We are very happy to share this new song along with its visual accompaniment, as the first new release from Telepathy since our debut album, and the first release to feature our new bassist Teddy-James Driscoll. “Hiraeth” will give you an insight into our musical progression as a band over the last two years, and set the tone for the forthcoming record.”
Telepathy’s upcoming new album was engineered, mixed and mastered by esteemed producer/engineer Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios in London, between January and August 2016. “Hiraeth” was filmed and edited by Jack Burley of Prismatik with assistance from Netanya Marie Smith.