John Dufilho started a band and toured around America with The Deathray Davies, then around the world with the Apples In Stereo, lately he’s been scoring movies (currently working on a western w/ Judd Nelson) and starting a new band with Andy Lester and Bill Spellman: Clifffs

Inspired by the Ramones’ first album, 60’s garage, and a shit ton of beer, this is down to the essentials:  4 chords, fast and loud.  Fuzzy, infectious, minimalist punk rock.

Howling Giant is what happens when three nerds write about space travel, doomed seafarers, and a sentient android hellbent for a camel killing death crusade. They plays self-indulgent, drop-tuned, fuzzed out riffs that could curdle milk. With the release of their upcoming EP ‘Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 1’ due out on August 12th.

British power metaller guitarist Fraser Edwards, who is known for his work with Ascension and the children’s rock band Sharky Sharky, has revealed the video for ‘Mentalist Brigade’, the first advance from the band’s debut album ‘I Am God’.

With the YouTube sensation Per Fredrik ”Pellek” Åsly on vocal duties, this project which was named after its founder Fraser Edwards; is on its way to become a power metal supergroup!

Edwards comments on the video: “I’m super excited to finally unveil my solo project to the world. It’s been 10 years since I started working on this album and I’m glad to finally have all the pieces of the puzzle in place to release the debut music video for «Mentalist Brigade». If you like your melodies to be big and catchy and your guitar and keyboard solos to be over the top then this is definitely something you’ll want to check out.”

Melbourne’s Pridelands have released their new single ‘Coalesce’ and an amazing filmclip to go along with it. The track is the first release from the four-piece hardcore outfit since their debut EP, Natives, in 2015. It marks a more refined but focused sound – hard-edged, but full to the brim with emotion and meaning. The filmclip matches that with incredible imagery, camera work and effects. Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Lance Prenc and Jamie Marinos, the track will be available immediately from their bandcamp page.

The video was Directed, Shot and Edited by Kieran Ellis-Jones and features an incredible cast of Joanna Angelidis, Sienna Barrett and Shayana Gaillard. The hard-hitting, amazingly-shot clip features a naked woman in tune with nature traversing a pristine, beautiful forest and a mysterious hooded figure traversing a vandalised, grimy urban environment and the band in an abandoned, broken down warehouse.

Exeter rock four piece Glasstide have dropped a stomping new video for ‘You’re Not Worth It’, the track is taken from their forthcoming debut EP ‘Lights’, which will be released on the 23rd of September.

Drawing inspiration from an array of areas, but fundamentally reared on the grit of Black Stone Cherry, the energy of Airbourne and the melodies of Alter Bridge, Glasstide blast out heavy rhythms, contagious hooks and buoyant energy that will leave you hungry for more.

Want to know more about You’re Not Worth It? Hear it straight from the band:
“We’re extremely delighted to drop this new single for “You’re Not Worth It”. We think everybody can relate to this kind of song, essentially a big middle finger to anyone who’s ever let you down. We’re excited to deliver this tune as it’s a bit different from what you’ve heard from us before, and an indication of what you can expect from us in the future. Slightly more punk, with a bit of skate influence thrown in; this tune is for anyone craving anything along the lines of Blink 182, Offspring or Sum 41 with a modern edge!”

Vektrill are a three piece electric space rock band based in Worthing, near Brighton. Composed of Scott Miller (guitar and vocals), Carlos Toppin (bass) and Jordan Stone (percussion) and combining vicious drum beats, powerful bass riffs, screaming guitar leads and heart wrenching melodies, they create epic space rock symphonies that are sure to leave you feeling emotionally charged and ready for more!

Those Damn Crows are a hard-hitting five piece rock band from Bridgend, South Wales. Performing at Camden Rocks and HRH in 2015 and having their single ‘Fear The Broken’ premiere through Their mission is simple…to write great songs, play shows and become another successful Welsh export that is Those Damn Crows.

Cold Summer are an energetic post-hardcore 4-piece from Leeds, writing experimental melodic rock with a twist that is developed through a wide range of influences between them. The end result being music which portrays a bitter sweet ambience with angst and raw passion from their punk and hardcore roots.

Formed late in 2011 the band have maintained a strong DIY work ethic, self producing/releasing 2 EP’s (Transitions & Wake) in 2012 and a self titled album in 2013, they have also been responsible for self booking an album release tour and UK tour with US band He Is Legend in 2014. This kind of mentality has ultimately led to support slots with diverse and established artists Funeral For A Friend, Polar, Self Defense Family, Lemuria, Milk Teeth, Brawlers, Zoax and recently Grieved & Employed To Serve

In 2015, the band have been working on their new material, the upcoming release for 2016, ‘Fight To Survive’. Their most refined and emotionally driven music to date, the record holds to right a world of consumption, greed and corruption… A call to arms for an apathetic generation.

Russian Progressive metal band AcatoniA will release their new album ‘Zerkala’ in September on Metalism Records this year. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered By Sergei Lazar (Arkona) and Alexander Hovanski in AcatoniA Records and CDM Records.

AcatoniA was formed in 2011 by Alexander Hovanski and his wife Dasha Hovanski. The debut album “Belii Korabl” was released in 2014 and immeditly recieved positive reviews all over the world

The video starts out dark with singer Chad staring cold eyed into the screen and if you think it’ll get any lighter you’ll be sorrowfully let down. the frustration captured on Chads face holds through out and adds another dimension to the Phil Collins Classic.

Covering a popular song is always a daring move by any act but Hellyeah have added there own angry signature on this one. As Chad Gray’s voice growls, Dimebag’s Guitar wails one last time beyond the grave as his unmistakable silhouette flashes across the screen.

Gray described the process he went through recording the vocals which he described as very emotional

“So I go in. And Kevin’s [Churko, producer] got me all stoked to do this. So we go in and then we sit down. And I kind of sit up on top of this stool. I kind of sit on the back, a little perched, like a gargoyle, when I sing. And he got the mic all placed. And he’s, like, ‘Okay, are you ready? Are you ready to do this?’ I mean, he’s so stoked for it. And I was, like, ‘Why is this guy so stoked for it?’ And he’s just, like, ‘I just know you’re gonna crush this.’ Just the emotion of it and everything like that… So as he’s walking out, he shuts the lights off in the studio, and I’m, like, looking at him: ‘What’s the deal?’ He’s, like, ‘I’m setting the mood, man. I’m setting the mood.’ And I start singing the lines. And it’s just… Whatever the timbre of my voice was that day, or whatever, it was just really awesome and perfect in a very non-perfect way. And he’s just got his down and he’s just… He just comes up and just hits the talkback and he’s, like, ‘Dude, you’re gonna be singing this song for the rest of your life.”

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