Osaka Punch have had an incredible year so far – releasing new single ‘Stonk’ and touring it, signing to Bird’s Robe Records, supporting Dead Letter Circus, re-releasing their LP ‘Voodoo Love Machine’ and jumping on to tour with The Fall of Troy, Closure in Moscow and Meniscus! Anyone who has seen a live Osaka Punch show knows just how hard skinsman Dane Pulvirenti goes on the kit. But get a load of this drum playthrough of instrumental track Battle Worm from ‘Voodoo Love Machine.’ Insane skill, technique and sheer awesomeness/metal/weirdness all combine to form a Voltron of sick drumming. All kinds of angles are covered in the video. If you ever wanted to feel like you were behind the kit/you were the drummer in the band… this is the video for you.

Montreal based deathcore pioneers, Despised Icon, have released their Nuclear Blast debut, Beast’, on July 22nd. The band has released a music video for the track ‘Bad Vibes’, directed by Jessy Fuchs of Slam Disques (Obey The Brave, Simple Plan).

“We’ve often been vocal about the classic death metal bands that have influenced us throughout the years but have rarely discussed the grindcore and hardcore elements in our music,” states vocalist Alex Erian. “Our new single ‘Bad Vibes’ is raw, straight forward and reminiscent of bands like Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Biohazard, and Madball. The 90’s were a defining decade for us and so we opted for that old school look when putting together this new music video. ‘Beast’ comes out in a week. Get into it!”

‘Beast’ was produced and engineered by former guitarist Yannick St-Amand (Beneath The Massacre, Neuraxis) and mixed/mastered by Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Opeth, Nevermore). Artwork was created by Alexandre Goulet.

Powerful, inspiring, huge and moving, Keychain is pushing the boundaries of its genres to bring the world something completely breathtaking. Combining the elements of Metal, Alternative Rock and Hip Hop they’re bringing back the uniqueness and authenticity into today’s modern music for a rebirth of the nu-metal genre that has been loved by many and black sheeped by some.

In their first year alone, the independent Montreal, QC band has booked over 50 shows, an upcoming cross country North-American summer/fall tour plus will be releasing 3 music videos and 3 live acoustic videos by 2016’s end. Their upcoming debut EP ‘Breaking Out’ set for release on August 5th is produced by award winning producer/engineer/mixer Glen Robinson who has worked with names such as The Ramones, AC/DC, GWAR, Annihilator and Voivod plus mastered by none other than Howie Weinberg (Pantera, Limp Bizkit, The Deftones, etc).

Vocalist JP Lachapelle comments:

“From the top floor in Montreal’s downtown core, Keychain bring the party and pain, to bust down doors. “Prime Time” combines body and mind, entwined by hellish riffs, baddest bass and power divine.”

Young British tech-metallers Fraktions are delighted to announce their upcoming EP,Anguish’, out August 12th.

‘Anguish’ is a highly compelling new release from a band equally influenced by classical music, the jazz noodlings of Tigran Hamasyan and the progressive metal of TesseracT and The Contortionist; Fraktions are an exciting addition to the burgeoning second wave British tech-metal scene. The EP was recorded and mixed by Daniel Reid of No Consequence and mastered by Acle Kahney of TesseracT.

Having played alongside Drewsif Stalin, No Consequence (whose frontman features on the EP), Kadinja, and Bleed from Within, ‘Anguish’ is a irresistible new take on technical metal. Inspired by songwriter and pianist Joel Pinder’s classical leanings, the EP presents an impressively mature approach from such a young band.

A concept EP, ‘Anguish’ is about the final chapter of a schizophrenic woman’s life. The protagonist suffers from aural hallucinations as a result, a condition translated musically into the EP’s frantic and unpredictable style, veering between piano-led dissonance and guitar-led technical off-kilter riffing. The multiple sound-worlds of the EP mark Fraktions out as a band to take notice of – a young group with a promising future ahead of them.


TMHM (formerly The Man and His Machine) is a four-piece metal band. The group combines punk, hardcore, thrash metal, and rock with gritty word-heavy vocals to produce a chaotic and dynamic sound. On August 17 the band will mark their sixth release with their debut full length album Stage Names’, recorded at Rain City Studios in Vancouver, BC with Stu McKillop (Daggermouth, Youth Decay) and his team of engineers.

Brisbane Deathcore outfit As Paradise Falls are today giving the world peer into the record. Late 2015 saw them travel to Thailand to lay down what would become their follow-up record to their EP ‘Save Yourself’. What followed was heartbreaking to the say the least – their friend and brother in music, Glen Barrie, passed away unexpectedly and without warning, in his sleep. All of Glen’s work on the record remains as he played it.

‘Digital Ritual’ is the first track to be released from this new record.  It is unusual for the band – its a definite shakeup in style and also in that is a very short instrumental track. In another shift for the Brisbane 5-piece, they have also recently had a change of vocalist and guitarist. This new track comes with a filmclip created by Third Eye Visuals and it gives punters a sneak, albeit covert look into who their new vocalist and guitarist are… can you tell who it is?

Swiss Melodic Death Metal band Xaon will release its debut EP Face of Balaam’ on October 16, 2016. The official video for first single ‘Discrowned’, featuring vocals by Soilwork’s Björn “Speed” Strid.

Brilliant melodies combine with the aggression of Death Metal throughout ‘Face of Balaam’, yet that description doesn’t quite do justice to the range of styles influencing the sound of Xaon. Consider the contributions of legendary acts like Anathema, Type O Negative, My Dying Bride, Soilwork, Demonical, Ulver, and even Finnish act Disgrace’s early-to-mid 90s output, and you’ll get the picture.

‘Face of Balaam’ was produced and arranged by band members Vinc and Flo, recorded between June and August 2015, mixed and mastered by Julian at Parallel Focus Studios. Vocals engineered by Rob Carson at Carsonian Sound Solutions. All vocals, except “Discrowned,” by were performed by Franco-American singer Rob Carson. Samples on “How we become Ephemeral Birds” and “Discrowned” by J.-P. Lana. The album artwork was  created by Californian artist and painter Erik Burton Kirchner.

Sinsaenum, which features drummer Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot, Vimic), bassist-turned-guitarist Frederic Leclercq (Dragonforce), vocalists Attila Csihar (Mayhem, Sunn O)))) and former Chimaira vocalist Sean Zatorsky (ex-Chimaira, ex-Daath), and bassist Heimoth (Seth) released their new music video today, and it looks like a trailer for a horror movie.

Their new full-length album, Echoes of the Tortured’, is out July 29th.

Clockwork Revolution is drummer Patrick Johannson (W.A.S.P., Yngwie Malmsteen, G3, Gus G, Lynch Mob), singer Wade Black (Leatherwolf, Crimson Glory, Seven Witches, Leash Law, War of Thrones), bassist Dirk Van Tilborg (Alias, Attakk, Crimson Glory, Kamelot) and guitarist Dewayne Hart (Kinlin) delivering a powerful sound that draws from both modern and classic metal.

The video for ‘Give Me the Reins’ is the first sneak peak at what Clockwork Revolution wrote and recorded in August and November of 2015. The album has been mixed and is currently being mastered for a 2016 release.

Talking about the album, Black said “I’ve been in the music business a long time. All I can say about Clockwork Revolution is great musicians plus chemistry equals an album I’m really proud of.”

Returning with ‘Winter’, New Model Army’s first full studio album since their acclaimed ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ kick-started a creative renaissance in 2013. This album saw the band receive the best critical response of their career and top 30 chart positions in UK and Germany, their first in over 20 years, while Matt Reid’s 2014 documentary feature film ‘Between Dog and Wolf: The New Model Army Story’ drew further interest to this most unique of groups.

‘Winter’ will be released on August 26th on the band’s own Attack Attack label via Red Essential in the UK and via earMUSIC worldwide. Formats include special bookpack CD, double gatefold vinyl, download and streaming. The album is a powerful and emotionally intense body of work. From the opening epic ‘Beginning’ through to the closing song ‘After Something’ the album builds on the new directions taken by ‘Between Dog and Wolf’, yet also has familiar echoes of the immediacy and engagement of the band’s classic albums ‘The Ghost of Cain’ and ‘Thunder and Consolation’.

Says founder, lead Singer and main songwriter Justin Sullivan:
“‘Between Dog and Wolf’ opened up a lot of creative doors for us, so it was exciting to go and look inside. The results were not necessarily planned – as usual we felt our way – but I think ‘Winter’ has a really strong identity. It is very much the sound of people in difficult places – something that so many of us can relate to at the moment, on a lot of different levels. It is a much more of a band album than ‘Between Dog and Wolf’ and we made a deliberate choice in mixing it to sound more aggressive and a little less polished”.

The album features striking artwork by long time artistic collaborator Joolz Denby. It forms of a series which includes the above mentioned 7” and also the cover of Joolz’s own 7th album which will follow the New Model Army release later in the Autumn.

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