Dream the Electric Sleep were formed in Lexington, KY by Matt Page (vocals/guitar), Joey Waters (drums), and Chris Tackett (bass) in 2009. After two self-produced, independent releases, ‘Lost and Gone Forever’ (2011) and ‘Heretics’(2014), 2016 marks the release of ‘Beneath the Dark Wide Sky’. They combine 70’s progrock and 80’s Darkwave, with influences coming from Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Neurosis, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears, Soundgarden, and The Who. Dream the Electric Sleep have spent the last eight years crafting an expansive, eclectic sound.

With producer Nick Raskulinecz; who has produced records for multiple Grammy winning bands such as Foo Fighters, Mastodon, Rush, and Alice in Chains, he has helped shape ‘Beneath the Dark Wide Sky’ with his commitment to crafting an emotive sound palette and capturing high energy performances.

“We decided we needed help realizing the vision we had for the new album,” says guitarist and vocalist Matt Page. “The songs were different enough from our earlier material that we felt they needed a new treatment and a fresh set of ears to help pull out the strengths and tighten up the ambiguities of each song. We contacted several producers we wanted to work with, and sent them the demos. We were thrilled to learn Nick Raskulinecz was interested in working with us. We went to Nashville to meet him and jam at Rock Falcon Studio and had a blast. There was a real chemistry between all of us and we knew we’d found our guy.”

Opening with ‘Drift’ which has an acoustic intro with vocals singing as though you are awaking from a dream, as the song carries you into a hypnotising melody. Lead single ‘Let the light flood in’ is as uplifting as it is catchy, the guitar technique is beautiful with clear attention to detail with the flow of the song. With all the songs on this album the bass and drum play in unison, building tension into soaring climaxes that raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

‘Flight’ takes us on a mellow journey through harmonies and emotions, which leads us into ‘We Who Blackout The Sun’. This instrumental number creates layers of well crafted riffs, entwined with a thundering bass and almost prog guitar solos that take you back in time. As it fades out ‘Hanging By Time’ opens with powerful vocals mixed with a glorious tune. ‘Culling the Herd’  showcases the emotion in Matt’s vocal performance, which is heightened with lyrical content that is soulful and heartfelt.

There is a mesmerizing dynamic from the keyboards/piano and strings on ‘The Last Psalm to Silence’. ‘The Good Night Sky’ is one of my favourite tracks, I can imagine it going down well live. It is tuneful as it builds up with a catchy verse and chorus, sliced together with guitar riffs. Their latest single ‘Headlight’ is skilfully written song, with rolling drums that carry you on a journey.

‘Black Wind’ is a mix of vocal distortion that adds layers of texture to a pounding drum beat that again create this aura like dream state, that mixes well with the guitar. Final track ‘All Good Things’ has melodies that carries us to the end of this beautiful album of prog rock. I could quite happily listen to the entire thing on repeat. Every part of this album works together to create a heart warming and uplifting vibe.

Dream The Electric Sleep - Beneath The Dark Wide Sky

Release Date: July 2016
Label: Mutiny Records
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5.0Overall Score

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