Ramonda Hammer have brought the spirit of 90’s alt-rock back with their new album ‘Whatever That Means’, with a mix of tuneful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.  From LA this American quartet have been compared to Wolf Alice and The Pixies; with their influences rooted strongly in the ninties this is a strong comparison. Frontwoman Devin Davis wails and sings with such passion, you can feel the angst and emotion through her lips. Taking their name from reality tv show ‘Cheaters’, Ramonda Hammer are a breath of fresh air.

Opening song ‘Chaotic’ is like I am wisked back in time with the stripped back musicianship and it’s pop/grunge style; the melody and catchiness are amazing. With the lyrics ‘if its not chaotic, its not real’ Devin realy shows how her vocal harmonies blend seamlessly with the song, which has tender moments. Their latest single ‘If, Then’ has guitar riffs that remind me of the Smashing Pumpkins, in their soulful melodies and structure. First single ‘Goddam Idiot’ is another piece of beautiful 90’s nostalgia, with it’s radio friendly melodies.

Anthemic song ‘See’ has a glorious chorus that would go down well in a live venue, with a heavy bass beat from Hengl’s melodic and rhythmically clever hands. There are quality picks of Justin Geters guitar throughout the album, personal highlights were ‘Amends Were Made’ and ‘Out of Style’ where his skill and technique shines through. No band is complete without a drummer and Louangxay’s easily aggressive drum style works perfectly with the bands chemistry.

Overall Ramonda Hammer have produced an album that is beautiful in its emotional lyrics that are only heightened by Devin’s vocal style. The rest of the band bring the intense melodies and riffs, providing a perfect counter balance to Devin.

Ramonda Hammer - Whatever That Means

Release Date: 2016
Label: Indepedent 
Band Website: Ramonda Hammer
Buy Album: Bandcamp

4.0Overall Score
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