cover (1)Hailing from Umeå, Sweden, Defiatory bring aggressive, melodic Bay Area Thrash Metal straight to your earholes, yet with a distinctly modern edge and a hint of the Swedish/European Metal style.  Without doubt, the subject matter of their debut album is dark, with its lyrics about death, chaos and war, dark forces and an impending apocalypse.  ‘Extinct’ makes for a fitting title, that’s for sure.

Right from the off, my first impression of opening track ‘The Final Conflict’ is that I’m simply blown away by the no-holds-barred approach.  It’s in-your-face from the get go.  An instant head-banger!

‘Reaper’ follows and doesn’t relent for a single second, it’s an absolute roller-coaster.  Infectious, killer bass and guitar riffs, pounding drums and a rampant tempo make for the perfect concoction.  Martin’s vocals are incredibly diverse and gel with the band’s sound perfectly,  combining a mix of roars, tuned yet aggressive singing and complimented by harmonised backing vocals from Christian Älvestam.

Next up is ‘Aeons End’ and the first thing that grabs my attention is the thunderous drumming straight after the intro.  The production is so meaty, accentuating the thud of the kick and resonance of the toms perfectly.  The chorus is extremely hooky, especially the lead and backing vocals.  Fantastic work all-round, which can also be enjoyed by watching their excellent music video for ‘Aeons End’ below.

It’s more of the same in terms of the energetic Thrash style (I’m certainly not complaining!) on the five remaining songs that follow, though they are far from carbon-copies of one another.  Each track has its own dynamic and distinctive structure, a unique signature riff and a number of scorching guitar solos.

I cannot remember the last time that I heard an album of this style where every song has potential to be featured as the “single” track, they’re simply all top-notch.  What’s so surprising is that, with Ronnie Björnström founding the band in early 2015, this is actually their debut album.  I simply would not have guessed this was their first release, as it sounds like they’ve been playing together for a lot longer than just one year.

I’m simply staggered by the sheer quality and endless energy produced from the first bar to the very last second of ‘Extinct’.  I would go as far as saying this album is my Thrash Metal pick of the year so far.  Superb effort to all of these guys and I look forward to hearing more!


Music Video of ‘Aeons End’

Defiatory - Extinct

Release Date: 3rd June 2016
Label: Black Lion Productions
Band Website: Facebook
Buy Album: BandCamp

5.0Overall Score