gore coverDeftones have created some of  the most aggressive and multi dimensional music of the past couple of decades, through their strong instrumental structure and Chino Moreno’s vocal range. Gore is their 8th studio album; but does this mean they have produced a typical album? No is the answer, with some of their most beautiful songs in years, I am in love with Gore.

Opening with “Prayer/Triangles” (video below) which is the first single from the album; Chino’s vocals cast you off into dream like melody, with a strong chorus that whisks you into the album. “Acid Hologram” has some dark moody elements and gives us the  harmonies and heavy guitars that you would expect from the Deftones.

Thundering guitars and drums take us into “Doomed User” which is heavy and typically Deftones like in its structure, with a chatty chorus and infectious harmonies from Chino. The guitar work of Stephen Carpenter is solid and strong with riffs that carry along the song well, which in turn are emphasized by the bass of Sergio Vega. In comparison “Geometric Headdress” is a textured track; that structurally builds up with Chino’s vocals and builds a wall of sound for him to scream and sing through.

Opening with a beautiful guitar work “Hearts/Wires” tones down the mood, almost like we are slipping into a trance. Stepping into “Pittura Infamante” we are greeted with strong guitar grooves that play off against Abe Cunningham’s drums perfectly. In comparison “Xenon” has a crunchy guitar riff that makes it a heavier tune, that also has some catchy lyrics that get stuck in your head.

“(L)mirl” is an atmospheric mature track, held together well with samples and distortion by Frank Delgado. It sets us up for the title track “Gore”, which is a mixture of solid screams from Chino breaking up the song, then ending with a doomy vibe as it slows down to a crawl.

“Phantom Bribe” is my favourite track on the album, with its beautiful guitar solo by Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains. The haunting atmosphere creates emotional layers of music, which then ends with a thunderous outro that leads us straight into the final track “Rubicon”. Ending this journey with an up tempo song that leaves you feeling fullfilled. “Gore” is definitely an album that shows the Deftones in true form, giving us a mix of their classic style, but also adding in some extra twists.


Deftones - Gore

Released: 2016
Record Label: Warner Bros. Records
Band Website:
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5.0Beautiful layers of music and vocals

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