Whitefall - orginsRecent years have seen a massive influx of superb metalcore bands emerging from Australia. With the likes of Polaris, I Killed The Prom Queen, Parkway Drive and Buried in Verona paving the way for upcoming bands. Canberra based Whitefall find themselves surrounded with a wealth of talent and do not disappoint with their debut EP Origins.

Although a slow starter, the opening track “Serenity” feels a bit disjointed in parts like two songs interwoven into one, this EP soon settles into its stride and delivers the goods with the track “Archetype” which is a resounding triumph of a song, with driving riffs, well set drums and vocals that sit just right.

One of the strongest tracks on Origins is lead single “Casuality” which features the sublime vocals from Dan Tompkins of TesseracT. For an upcoming band to have the support of such a big name in the industry is a massive draw and puts the band in the spotlight from the get-go.

It´s to be noted that this EP was recorded in a mere three days, which is a testament to how hard working and confident these young Aussies are. I’m very interested to see what’s next for Whitefall.

Review By Adam Frost


Whitefall - Origins EP

Released: 2016
Record Label: Unsigned/Independent
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4.0Overall Score

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