rsz_rsz_front_art_std_ep_1_2015Hailing from Kent; Spreading the Disease have produced an EP called “Viral” that has a lot of promise. Opener “F.U.C.K.U” is a very balls to the wall, heavy affair opening with screams that grab you by the throat. Leaving you little time to catch your breath before the guitar riffs rip through the song. The rhythm is steady and powerful, with an almost spiral/hypnotic guitar solo.

“Lost Generation” has a Black Label Society style bluesy intro that leads us into crunching guitar riffs, which then dominate the song. The vocals do seem to lose their strength amongst the music at times, which is a shame. The guitar solo is my favourite on the EP, it showcases some skills with some Pantera style hooks.

A late 90’s/early 00’s sound resonates from the vocals throughout “Bulldozer” adding some interesting dimensions to the song. Counterbalanced with screams and growls throughout, just to keep you on your toes. The rhythm section is well conceived, with a groove that carries the song along. Chunky guitar riffs are satisfying in their stature, however the solos do sometimes get lost in the mix.

Ending with “Evolution”, good beats and rhythm are mixed with distorted vocals, (which weirdly reminded me of the “this is the way it’s got to be” vocal line from Coal Chamber’s “Oddity”  ) that again was reminiscent of that 90’s/00’s sound. The bass lines are strong and bellow out, with a playful guitar lick to add an interesting twist.

Overall this is a good debut; the mixed vocals are interesting and stop the whole EP sounding the same. The musicianship is solid, with guitar riffs that groove along. Spreading The Disease are a heavy metal band that show influences from the 90’s and modern era, so if you like your music loud and aggressive then this is for you.

Spreading The Disease - Viral

Released: 2016
Record Label: Unsigned/independent
Band Website:
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3.5Overall Score

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