If you’re a practicing occultist or are just a bit angry and have a penchant for candles and capes, this is going to be your new favourite album. Guaranteed to send WASPy parents everywhere into paroxysms of middle-class fear, Necronomicon are the blackest of black metal

Opening and closing with operatic instrumentals, Advent of the Human God is a work of art in all things Dark.

Their sound is guttural and aggressive; vocal growls and gurgles occasionally breaking for an orchestral score that Hollywood directors would be proud of. The sky roils and thunders, hyperbole crashes from the heavens as they demand to know “Who’s concerned about the fate of the world?”

This album boasts every possible black metal mainstay. “Okkultis Trinity” having the jackpot- from dramatic orchestral strings, full-choir Latin chanting to swelling,minor chord crescendos. No trope remains unturned.

“Crown of Thorns” is their take on the colonisation of America. With an Indiana Jones-esque opening, you can smell the incense and candle smoke as they stretch the metaphor until it screams for mercy.

According to a Blabbermouth interview for their last album they are “Just doing what we’re here to do; dark music for the ones who dare to be something other than a follower of the false system and God…We don’t do it for the critics, only for the fans. So we could say that’s what we are aiming for.”

And I would say that they have achieved their aim. If you’re a Black Metal fan, you’re probably going to love this.

Necronomicon- Advent of the Human God

Released: 2016

Record Label: Season of Mist

Band Website: Bandcamp

Buy Album: Bandcamp

4.0Overall Score

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