the great deceiver

It has been 6 years since Mortiis released “Perfectly Defect” and now in 2016 we are graced with a new offering. “The Great Deceiver” is the next chapter in Mortiis’ career entitled “Era O”; never letting anyone bring them down or pigeon hole them. They have produced an album that if I had to make comparisons I would say has the Industrial elements of Ministry, the electronic beats of the 80s to 90s, and the haunting grace of NIN or Depeche Mode. However Mortiis have their own sound and its not often you can say that about a band. The videos for “Doppleganger” and “Shinning Lamp of God” have been a good indication of to what to expect from this album, with the industrial power of the “Grudge” taken further and with heavy guitars and technical beats.

Opening with “The Great Leap” the album explodes with energy, the guitar riffs and intense drumming carry the album well. The intro for the “The Ugly Truth” is powerful and shows us the metal side of Mortiis, which is continued with “Doppleganger”. Mortiis has metamorphosed over the years, taking their sound into darker places with some of the most honest lyrics you might hear. As vocalist Håvard Ellefsen conveys his aggression, you can almost taste the bile in the hatred that he spits out of his mouth.

Stepping it up a gear “Demons are Back” is a catchy up tempo tune (with an interesting video) which has you singing along in no time. It’s the vocal style and electronic beats that make this a standout track. The layers of sound and great melodies on “Hard To Believe” and “Road to Ruin” take us into a calmer soulful side. Finishing the mid part of the album with “Bleed Like Me”, which opens with haunting keyboards that blends into a heavy mix of guitars and rough textures samples.

Bringing the tempo back up, “Scalding the Burnt” blasts techno beats and bouncy chords. The energy is continued into “Shining Lamp of God”; which thrusts us into a mixture of ripping guitars and screams, which in turn are wrapped in solid beats. In contrast “Sins of Mine” is a mellow toned down track, that paves the way for the intense drumming and guitar of “Feed the Greed”. A track that really packs a punch with a punk rock attitude and aggression, with lyrics like “you can’t kill me, I’m already dead”. Ending with “Too Little Too Late” Mortiis wraps up a fitting end to a satisfying come back album.

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MORTIIS ‘demons are back’ UK TOUR

May 23rd NEWCASTLE Cluny
May 24th GLASGOW Audio
May 25th MANCHESTER Ruby
May 26th BIRMINGHAM O2 Institute
May 27th BRIGHTON Haunt
May 28th LONDON Garage
May 29th BRISTOL Fleece


Mortiis - The Great Deceiver

Released: 2016
Record Label: Omnipresence Productions
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4.8Overall Score

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