Diabolus Amator - Despotic Conjuring Of The SoullessDiabolus Amator is a North American (USA/Canada) 2-man band that plays raw and violent satanic Black Metal. It consists of Abyss, who by the way is a multi-instrumentalist and plays all the recorded instruments on the album, as well as Idolatry’s Lord Matzigkeitus on  vocals. They have released 2 albums titled “ The Dawn Of A New Flame” (2015) and “Despotic Conjuring Of The Soulless” (2016).

According to their own statements, they plan to despotically take over  Black Metal with their fury which is crafted carefully with singularity and precision as storms of bullets into targets!!! In my opinion they certainly will.

Despite the fact that they are from North America (USA/Canada) and that they released their album last month, their sound is typically Scandinavian ( specifically Norwegian) and nearly identical to the sound of the early 90s extreme Black Metal bands, surrounding Euronymous and his Inner Circle in Oslo. This of course, is not accidental but deliberate.

“Despotic Conjuring Of The Soulless” is a mostly low-fi crusty production, which makes you wonder whether the album was recorded in an actual studio or in some dark and dump underground bunker during performing unspeakable acts. However, unlike what most people believe, this is an advantage because it manages to transmit to the listener all the bestial barbarousness and the raw ferocity that the band intends to produce.

The album opens with “I am meritocracy” which starts with an ominous and dark soundscape that puts you in the mood straight away and makes you wonder what’s to follow. Not for long though. Half way through the song mid-tempo riffs kick in which very soon turn into fast paced blizzards accompanied by thunderous blast-beats. On top of this, Lord Matzigkeltus high pitched demonic screams complete the puzzle leaving no doubt to the listener that this is….Unholy Black Metal!!

The second and third tracks (“Pregnant Virgin Whore” and “ Ravenous Fog Of Deceitful Win”) move along the same lines. The tempos alter between slow/mid-paced rhythms and blast-beat storms. Diabolus Amator manage to brilliantly combine all these different tempos without making themselves predictable or boring.

We then continue with “ Invocation Of The Abyssic dragon”, which starts with an evil ambient intro that makes you feel that the adamantine gates of the nameless Abyss have been opened wide and the Dragon is arriving. And then with “Sharp Reality Denier” the Dragon has arrived.  This song is different, compared to all the previous ones, because it signals  a slight change in the musical direction of the whole album. No blast-beats here, only awesome riffs and unholy screams. The same is true for “ Evolution Smite Thy Meek God”, the track after. Both these songs have a melodic element in them and “Satanic Rock ‘n’ Roll” would be the appropriate term to describe them.

“Funeral Light”, the next track, starts with clean guitar playing which very quickly turns into sinister-sounding riffs with the appropriate blast-beats and double pedal drums.At this point in the album, the band is giving us a bit of a break with the ambient “ A Storm In The Void Of Leviathan”, an atmospheric 1.56 minutes long track which includes thunder and rain sounds. Most appropriate if you want to get in a dark wintry mood.

“Gripping Ever Draining” is the track that follows the little break and for me this is maybe the best song in the album. The riffs are all in the minor and the wide range of all the influences that have shaped Diabolus Amator shows up. The track includes spoken word as well ( which is always a bonus) but unfortunately it ends too soon, leaving you starving for more. That’s when “ Glory Onto Lucifer” comes in, which generally moves along the lines of the previous track. No blast-beats here but loads of double pedal on the drums. I must note that the way this tune ends is highly impressive. Clean guitar playing accompanied by really sinister vocals. I couldn’t stop thinking of all the evil entities that i heard talking with their otherworldly whispering voices in horror movies . Very touching indeed!!

Finally, the album ends with an Inquisition cover ( “ Desolate Funeral Chant”), which apart from being an excellent choice for the album is an awesome tune in itself.

Generally speaking, Diabolus Amator is a strike force from Hell, unleashing all out Satanic war. They are very talented and they sound evil. If you like bands such as Satanic Warmaster, Darkthrone, Marduk, Judas Iscariot, Gorgoroth etc then without a doubt Diabolus Amator is the band for you. Their album is so good that you can listen to it, beginning to end, with no breaks and still crave for more. They are now one of my favourite bands for sure.

Diabolus Amator - Despotic Conjuring Of The Soulless

Released: 2016
Record Label: Luciferic Triumph Records
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4.0Overall Score

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