Mammoth Mammoth are an Aussie band who describe themselves as “good-time murder fuzz”.

Borrowing heavily from The New York Dolls et al they exemplify all that is necessary in a great gig band. Their legend is long and tainted involving burned down clubs, strippers and, if they told me they were the reason the mosh pit was invented I’d be inclined to believe them- this stuff was custom designed to be thrown around to!

Short and (not really very) sweet their 4 track EP is a high-speed power stomp from start to finish.

Taste your blood is pure Stooges. Heavy guitars bracketing throaty, growled lyrics and a classic, early punk style that begs to be played loud enough to rattle teeth, windows and bourgeois preconceptions.

Drugs continues the trend and ramps it up to 11.5 in a hedonistic, headlong dash to Kick out the Jams which, while not especially original is pounded out with an energetic sincerity which appears to be their trademark

We end with Dead Sea which is the only track that alludes to the title (Mammoth Bloody Mammoth), with its bass-heavy opening reminiscent of Warpigs. The vocal echoes do Ozzy proud and the shift to a more (for them at least) restful time signature really hammers home the track.

If they ever get this far over the water then go see them! I can guarantee a good time.

Mammoth Mammoth- Mammoth Bloody Mammoth

Released: 2016

Record Label: Napalm Records


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4.4Overall Score

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Kate is an indie-aficionado with riot-grrl roots who took a brief, teenage detour through the murky swamps of Trad Goth. Nowadays she is equally likely to be found swaying to Nick Cave and pogoing to punk. If it's loud, with strong lyrics and a bass line you can feel in your teeth, then it's gotta be good!

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