DollSkinInYourFaceFresh from the Scottsdale School of Rock (yes, it actually exists) Dollskin are pure power pop-punk. Aged from 15-19 yrs old, their debut album is a collection of high-speed, high energy tracks that perfectly showcase their emerging musical talents.

‘Family of Strangers’ gets us off to a supersonic start. Describing the sensation of performing to large crowds, it is over in less than three minutes but sets us up perfectly for the rest of the album.

Let’s Be Honest and Wring Me Out have shades of Paramore in their perfectly expressed anti-romance and catchy choruses, making them ideal radio hits.Blind is their only slow track and the opening guitar suggests the influence of Metallica whilst the chorus harmonies are closer to Amy Lee.

The ladies are currently being produced/mentored by Megadeth’s David Ellefson and his influence is apparent in the thrumming guitar buildups on So Much Nothing and Weatherman. This is the last track on the album and also the only live track, a deliberate inclusion no doubt, to demonstrate that their talents continue beyond the studio.

I’m loathe to be too critical of Doll Skin given their age and experience but, if I have to pick something, it would be that their sound can be a little sanitised at times. Their rage sounds a little manufactured and it is obvious that they still have a lot to learn. However, given that they come from a school which offers a Nirvana Summer Camp where you can learn to play just like Kurt Cobain (heroin presumably optional) I have to say they’re off to a pretty good start!

Review by K Denkinson Twitter

Doll Skin: In Your Face

Release Date:2015

Record Label: Megaforce/EMP

Band Website: Dollskin Band

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3.5Overall Score

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