Colour of Noise are veterans of the festival circuit (including Download) who spent the majority of last year touring with Thunder and you can see why. Their sound is vast, stadium-filling, traditional rock & roll that will have fans of Zeppelin et al. patching up their denim waistcoats with glee, but you can leave your lighters at home because ballads will never be forthcoming from this Brighton band.

Fans of traditional “valve and tape”, CoN are all about the big stadium sound, drawing influences from every great rock band of the last 40 years, whilst adding enough modern styling to keep it sounding fresh and interesting.

The album opens with “Can You Hear Me”, which rhythmically (at least to my ears) bears unfortunate similarities to Meredith Brooks’ ‘Bitch’ and is the album’s weakest track.

Luckily it is also the album’s only weak track and the single,  ‘Can’t Take it With You’ is a solid, bluesy, Zeppelin-esque affair, showcasing their ‘vintage’ instruments and very American vocal stylings.

As we move onto Medicine Man: they up the speed a little, with rather Quo-like harmonic choruses and precision guitar, developing an extremely polished sound whilst retaining enough rock & roll growl to still be interesting.

Head On continues the theme, with Matt Mitchell (Furyon) channeling the spirit of a young Robert Plant to reach soaring vocal heights and Rock Bottom owes a lot to AC/DC (hardly surprising hen the album was mixed by Mike Fraser).

They write (according to their website) about “issues of permanence, coming to terms with change and…trying to retain a sense of yourself in a mad world” and their sound supports this. Solid bass-lines and airtight vocals give them a sound that is at once both familiarly vintage, refreshingly new and uniquely theirs.

This year they kick off their touring schedule at home, accompanying Toseland at The Hope in Brighton before moving further afield and if you ever played Free to death on a dusty Dansette then I would make time to go and see them.

Colour of Noise - Colour of Noise

Released: 2015

Record Label: Townsend Music

Band Website:Colour of Noise Official

Buy Album:Colour of Noise Store

4.0Overall Score

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