If your high school disco slow-dance was the highlight of 1985, you’re going to be digging out your shoulder pads and perming lotion in honour of Cats in Space.

The tongue-in-cheek project of a cavalcade of 80s rockers with an impressive combined C.V (Moritz, The Sweet & Asia to name a few), “Too Many Gods” feels like a karaoke night organised by David Hasselhoff and attended by the cast of Wayne’s World.

‘Mister Heartache’ is the single and is a moog-noodling, teen romance power ballad, worthy of the Karate Kid soundtrack. The video boasts obvious motifs, impressive hair and a singalong chorus that’ll leave you with ear-worms for days.

‘Unfinished Symphony’ continues the trend with lyrics worthy of any teenage boy’s rockstar dreams.

‘Last Man Standing’ gives us synchronised finger-snaps, a jog-along piano score to counterpoint the “heartbreak” and guitar riffs so tight you can close your eyes and see Brian May’s hair majestically floating in the breeze.

If you’re looking for serious, cerebral tunes that access your inner being, then look elsewhere. Cats in Space are strictly for fun and, while they won’t be changing my life anytime soon, they’re going to be making a lot of middle aged rockers very happy. That’s got to be worth something right?

Review by K Denkinson Twitter


Cats in Space - Too Many Gods

Released: 2016

Record Label: Harmony Factory

Band Website: Cats in Space Band

Buy Album: Cats in Space Band Shop

4.0Overall Score

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