casket robbery

Hailing from Madison WI; Casket Robbery will be a force to be reckoned with in 2016. With an album that gives death metal some groove, their debut “Evolution of Evil” is a blast of high-octane horror and pure brutality.

Opening with “Annibelle’s Hell” we are taken into a world of horror; where blood, guts and gore are available in high doses. The guitar riffs and intense drumming and catchy songs give this brutal death metal album something different for the listener. Casket Robbery have a refreshing sound, setting them apart from their peers.

Throughout the album we are greeted with tight guitar riffs that rip through the solid blast beats, giving texture to the songs. Dustin Foesch’s vocal growls work perfectly with the music style, as he sings to us about murders, zombies and horror. The use of samples in their songs is done well adding diversity to the tracks and album, a good example is “Undead Living Hell” featuring a guest speaking role by horror filmmaker Cory Udler. Or “Curse of the Night Stalker” with its news reporter samples, that set you up for the concept of the song.

Stand out track for me is “Pray For Death” due to its catchy chorus “farewell say goodbye…”, plus the guest solo from John Laux is awesome. The vocal harmonies on “Curse of the Night Stalker” are well conceived giving the song a ghostly voice, to counteract Dustin’s growls of death.

This is a solid album with a good balance of brutality, groove and harmony; that would almost put it into the progressive metal arena. Casket Robbery have a lot to offer in terms of talent and vision; check out their video for “Annibelle’s Hell”. If you like early 90’s heavy metal, think Pantera “Far Beyond Driven” era you should love Casket Robbery.


Casket Robbery

Released: 2016
Record Label: Mortal Music
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4.5Overall Score

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