Liverpool-based with a sound that’s straight out of a beer-soaked American trailer park, Novacrow are a lively collection of zombie-killing, hard drinking, card-carrying Rockers.

As fun as the B52s but with a heavier sound, Novacrow are a proper, old-school Rock n roll band. Their sound is, by turns both very now and very 90s, with Fat Frog boasting spare vocals and a pure garage edge.

Fight the Horde is a cinematic, cartoonish escape from zombies, traveling at breakneck speed on the back of a high energy riff.

Black syrup is heavier, the grinding, dirty bass suggesting they holed up from the zombies on Devilgate Drive, stopping just long enough to borrow Alannah Myles’ country twang.

Set in Stone brings us back to echoey garage vocals, the plodding grumbling bass lines reluctantly but steadfastly drawing us into the song. They get briefly folky in the middle,  breaking to an almost medieval rhythm and you can nearly imagine this being sung a-Capella round the campfire as they hunker down safe from the horde.

The EP ends on Colourless, a sweet and comparatively slow instrumental with a nod to Led Zep as they fade out.

Currently performing for large crowds of the not quite undead, Novacrow are probably going to be big (if they don’t get eaten). My advice- pack up your chainsaw and go see them. Fun times and Loud Stuff guaranteed!

Novacrow - Black Syrup

Released: March 2016

Record Label: Despotz Records

Website: Novacrow Official

Buy Album: Novacrow Store

4.0Overall Score

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Kate is an indie-aficionado with riot-grrl roots who took a brief, teenage detour through the murky swamps of Trad Goth. Nowadays she is equally likely to be found swaying to Nick Cave and pogoing to punk. If it's loud, with strong lyrics and a bass line you can feel in your teeth, then it's gotta be good!

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