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Professional Air-Guitarists the world over have waited aeons for an album like Rubberneck’s latest (self-titled) EP. Self-described as “a groovalicious hybrid of funk and rock”, Cain, Dan and Greg have made their name on the pub circuit and compiled a 4-track EP of their “greasy funk rock”.

Their sound is nothing we haven’t heard before, but don’t let that put you off. For those about to rock who don’t have anything to rage against right now, or would rather not attend gigs which result in ear-bleeding unconsciousness, Rubberneck are ideal.
“Leaders of the Free World” could have come straight from a Jack Black movie and Neil Young’s influence is apparent in more than just the title.

“Funkium DiRockxide”, as well as PhD level punnery is a cavalcade of high-speed, funk-rock stylings and “Can’t Fool Me” boasts some solid, head-nodding blues. Influences are apparent from Hendrix to Kravitz with Pearl Jam thrown in for good measure. Whilst lyrically they may sometimes falter, their strong vocals and blues-funk guitar noodling promise good things to come from the Derby boys. The ideal festival band.

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Rubberneck - EP Rubberneck

Released: 2016
Record Label: Unsigned/independent
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3.0Overall Score

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Kate is an indie-aficionado with riot-grrl roots who took a brief, teenage detour through the murky swamps of Trad Goth. Nowadays she is equally likely to be found swaying to Nick Cave and pogoing to punk. If it's loud, with strong lyrics and a bass line you can feel in your teeth, then it's gotta be good!

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