Ai Margini Della Città are an Italian 4-piece comprised of Angelo, Francesco, Aldo and Giuseppe. Their name translates to “At the Edge of the City” and they describe themselves thusly;

“The Edge of the city is the place of excess … a translation of the most schizophrenic movements of the soul.”

Having spent a lazy Sunday morning getting to know their only EP, I have to agree with them.

For me, at the edge of the city is an ocean, wordless waves of sound gaining momentum as they crash and drag us out to somewhere new.

In the tradition of Explosions in the Sky and SJ5, AMDC have created a sound that is at once strong and subtle. They turn two guitars, a bass and a drum into an orchestra, painting with sound in three dimensions and leading us to musical places we may not otherwise have discovered. Whole seasons are expressed in three minute tracks and, by the end of the album I am left energised, refreshed and ready to return to the city.
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Ai Margini Della Città - EP Ai Margini Della Città

Released: 2015
Record Label: Unsigned/Independent
Band Website:
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4.5Overall Score

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